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How The Young and The Restless (YR) Fans Feel About Chloe’s Return

The Young and the RestlessChloe on The Young and the Restless

Chloe has left The Young and the Restless (YR) before. Once it was to check herself into a mental facility in California (while she was also carrying around a vial of Billy’s sperm in her purse, as one does).

Once it was after she told Kevin (Greg Rikaart) to move on with his life without her (while hiding her pregnant belly). But she’s always come back before. Will that be the case now that she’s on the lam after confessing to having killed Adam (Justin Hartley)? Over 5,000 viewers weighed in on the odds.

Catch Up
Chloe may have a mother (Kate Linder) and, more importantly, a daughter in Genoa City. Not to mention the guy she almost married — again. But 64% of fans still think the only way she’ll show up in town again is in handcuffs and under court-order.

They don’t think anything short of getting caught would prompt Chloe to darken Genoa City’s door.

Bye, Bye, Bye
Of course, 25% of you don’t think she’ll ever get caught, which is why you think Kay’s (Jeanne Cooper) goddaughter is gone for good. Which, of course, sets up the question of Bella’s long-term living arrangements, which includes figuring out who her father is.

Billy (Jason Thompson), of the purse-sperm, is the obvious candidate, but Chloe did also sleep with Kevin before leaving town. Will one of them step up to claim their daughter?

Helping Hand
And then there is the 11% of the audience who want Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) to come back for her own good. She needs help, and she’s better off getting it surrounded by family and friends (obviously tackling her problems all alone in California did no good).

And once she gets that help, she’ll be ready to stand up to Victor and blow his role in her initial release wide open!

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