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World War YR: Who Will Win, Jack or Billy?

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Last week, The Young and the Restless fans voted Jack and Billy their favorite sibling rivalry. So, this week, we wanted to know, who will win the War of the Abbotts, whether it’s over Phyllis, Brash & Sassy, or something those two haven’t even thought of yet?

No Trophy For You!
For 66% of the over 2,000 who voted, the answer was easy: There are no winners in this battle, only losers.

The late John Abbott would be horrified to find his boys at each other’s throats (then again, considering that Jack once slept with John’s then wife, Jill, maybe John would understand why his oldest son is a bit… put out with his little brother).

Jack and Billy’s (Jason Thompson) sisters, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Traci (Beth Maitland), are also eager for the feud to end and for the family to be reunited. Before they all lose the things that really matter most.

Younger Than Springtime
It was almost a tie for second place but, in the end, Billy squeaked out 18% of the vote to best Jack both in this poll and maybe eventually on the show.

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Fans expect youth to beat out experience. Maybe it’s because Billy has more stamina than his older brother. Or maybe it’s because he’s already lured Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) away from Jack, albeit temporarily. Who knows what he’ll win from him next?

Jack Be Nimble
Of course, it’s not like Jack (Peter Bergman) lost by all that much. It seems 16% of you expect age to prevail over beauty.

This isn’t Jack’s first head-to-head with a rival and, remember, he was practicing on outsmarting Victor when Billy was still in his playpen! Jack’s used to fighting to the near-death over business and pleasure.

He may have lost Jabot a couple of times, but he always got it back in the end. Maybe the same applies to women. And to wars with his baby brother.

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