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Is There a Victor and Nikki Reunion in Store on The Young and Restless (YR)?

The Young and the RestlessNikki and Victor

Will Victor accept Nikki banishing him from their marriage — and their bedroom — with his customary good grace and class on The Young and the Restless (YR)?

Yes. Exactly.

Whether or not Victor actually wants Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) back, the reality is, he never wants to be the one exiled. Victor Newman does the exiling, thank you very much — you got that? Over 4,000 viewers weighed in on his probable future plans.

Full Court Press
Let’s review: Billionaire Victor (Eric Braeden) brought the rough around the edges stripper into his home, classed her up — and pushed her towards a younger, blonder millionaire.

Nikki married Kevin (not this Kevin), even though she was pregnant with Victoria. Years later, with the then-blonde tiny Victoria as flower girl, Victor and Nikki finally got married. And then they got divorced.

And then Nikki was on her deathbed, so they got married again. It was declared invalid. And then they got married and divorced again. And again.

Along the way, they picked up other spouses. Jack (Peter Bergman), Joshua, David, Deacon (Sean Kanan), and Ashley (Eileen Davidson), Hope, Diane, Sabrina, Sharon (Sharon Case).

But they always find their way back to each other. According to 75% of you, Victor should be pulling out the old playbook any second now.

Enough Is Enough Is Enough
Victor is angry. Nikki said mean things to him that suggested he wasn’t the greatest man that ever lived. A fellow doesn’t bounce back easily from an unwarranted slight like that.

This time around, 24% of fans think he may never forgive Nikki, and actually move on. There are a few women left of the canvas whose lives Victor has yet to enrich. Is it fair to deprive a lovely lady of such an honor?

If Nikki says this is a marriage in name only, Victor just may yield to her wishes.

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