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Is Vanessa Marano Headed Back to Y&R?

Vanessa Marano from The Young and the RestlessVanessa Marano

Tonight, starting at 9:01 PM EST, the last episode of Switched At Birth is airing on Freeform.

The 90-minute series finale tells the final chapter of two families who became intertwined after a mix-up caused parents to take home the wrong daughters from the hospital over 15 years ago and stars an actress who should be very familiar to fans of The Young and the Restless (YR).

Vanessa Marano (ex-Eden, Michael’s half-sister and Noah’s ex-girlfriend) plays Bay Kennish, one of the young women. Marano discusses the experience and talks about her next move — which could include a return to Genoa City!

In the finale, Bay is deciding what to do about her beau Travis getting an offer to play baseball in Japan; what else can you tease about the finale? 

It’s very satisfying. All the characters come out on top, but just because they get what they want doesn’t mean they get it the way in which they want it.

What’s next for you?

I did a guest spot on Silicon Valley. I play a very intelligent college student. I’m going from playing a character for five years [to looking for that next role]. It’s weird to know that I’m not coming back to Bay — at least for a while.

You sound optimistic about a Switched revival someday. Those are rare, but actually not uncommon for you! 

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I did the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life because I was on the original show 10 years ago. And another show I was on — The Comeback — came back as well while I was on Switched. It was weird. I said [to everyone at Switched], “Guys, we might see each other in 10 years!”

Speaking of which, how about reprising Eden? The show has already brought back Judith Chapman as Gloria.

[Smiling] And why wouldn’t you?! That woman lights up a room! She’s someone I just want to watch, talk to, and listen to what she has to say. A while ago, I went to see Annie Potts [Designing Women] in a play because we’d done a Lifetime mini-series together.

At the play, I ran into a casting director, Judy Taylor, whose husband was directing the play. She told me she went to college with Annie. Then, I turned and saw Judith Chapman! She said she went to college with Annie, too! It was such a wonderful thing to see so many people [I knew] in this 100-seat theater. It made me so happy.

It’s a well-kept secret, but there are only 63 people in show business.

[(Laughs] This is true!

So would you be open to reprising Eden?
Absolutely! I know they’ve already brought her back once, and she was a little older, but Y&R could do it. I loved working on that show. I adore Tracey [Bregman, Lauren] and Christian [LeBlanc, Michael] so much. I’d do it in a heartbeat!

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