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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Sharon and Dylan Say Goodbye!

The Young and the Restless SpoilersThe Young and the Restless Spoilers

Heartbreaking The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal a very sad day in Genoa City. Dylan is packing his bags and leaving Sharon and Faith behind!

It’s All Happening Too Fast!
After a very short training session with Christine (Lauralee Bell), it’s time for Dylan (Steve Burton) to say goodbye. He’s off to go undercover and take down one of the most dangerous criminals in the world.

While on his mission, he can’t contact his family and it could be weeks, months, or years before he gets to return home.

Sharon Begs Him To Stay!
Breaking the news to Sharon (Sharon Case) is almost more than either can take. Through tears, Sharon pleads with her husband to stay. She knows their life is a mess right now but running away is not the answer.

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She needs him here with her, and so does Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind)! However, her tears fall to the floor as Dylan walks away.

Is Leaving The Best Thing For Dylan?
Dylan needs this for himself just as much as for the police force. He needs to get away from Genoa City and concentrate on something other than what he’s lost in just a few short years. As hard as it is to go away, staying feels so much worse, at least right now.

One Last Kiss!
Placing his wedding ring in Sharon’s hand and kissing her goodbye for what may be the very last time, is the hardest thing Dylan’s ever had to do. All either of them can do is hope he’ll return one day safe and sound.

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