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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jack’s Ready to Cause a Scandal!


Vengeful The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Jack and Phyllis’s big plans are about to take a sinister turn!

Jack and Phyllis Plot Their Revenge!
Taking Victor (Eric Braeden) down is a big job, and it has to be done just the right away. While Jack (Peter Bergman) proposes they turn over all the documents to the D.A, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) has other plans. She wants to do something bigger and better! Red wants to leak everything to the media and let the court of public opinion be Victor’s judge.

It’s a genius plan, and Jack knows it could be the only way. After everything, Victor’s put them through he has no qualms about putting The Mustache in the hot seat. It would look good on him when the scandal breaks and Victor’s scrambling to pick up the pieces!

Will GC Buzz Run the Story?
The only catch is, the biggest news outlet in town is now running their show a new way. GC Buzz isn’t about airing dirty laundry anymore. They are full of promotional pieces and good deeds. Getting Hilary (Mishael Morgan) to turn to the dark side won’t be easy, but Jack hopes his old friend will pull through.

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Victor’s Going Down!
Corporate fraud at Newman Enterprises could be too big of a story for Hilary to ignore. Jack knows the gossip queen well, and he can’t see why she would turn the story down. And, if she does, they just find a different publisher to put it up on the front page.

Victor better gets ready for a huge fallout. His company stock is about to plummet if word gets out that’s he’s an underhanded businessman. NE has survived a lot, but this is just too over the top and he may never recover his reputation!

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