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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jack Turns the Tables on Phyllis!


Jack may want Phyllis to stay far away, but that’s not going to happen. She’ll do whatever it takes to stay close, whether Jack likes it or not.

Phyllis Won’t Back Down on Her Demands!
With no prenup in place, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) lets her ex-husband know if he doesn’t let her back in the office, she’s going after a piece of the pie. She’ll fight in court to gain at least some control of Jabot, and chances are she’ll win. Poor Jack (Peter Bergman) is in a lose-lose situation and has no choice but to give her what she wants.

Jack Turns the Tables!
However, things aren’t going to be all sunshine and roses. Jack is a smart man and knows just how to make this work in his favor. The deal is she gets to work AT Jabot, it says nothing about working WITH him. He’s ready to play her game and turn the tables in his favor.

Poor Phyllis can keep her title, and keep her pay, but she’s not going to keep her prestige. He’ll allow her to come back to Jabot, but it’s not going to be the way she’s envisioning!

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Red Gets a Startling Welcome Back!
Instead, Jack has a different idea about how he’s going to deal with his cheating ex. Phyllis isn’t going have the posh office she was hoping. Instead, she gets a desk inside a windowless storage closet to call her very own.

Phyllis is now a low-level minion who’s in charge of sorting paperwork and other menial tasks. She’s tucked away where he doesn’t have to deal with or even look at her.

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