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The Young and the Restless Recap (YR): The Hunt for Chelsea Begins!

The Young and the Restless RecapThe Young and the Restless Recap

The Young and the Restless Recap (YR) for Friday, February 23 features a shocking day of twists and turns that’ll leave everyone on the edge of their seats!

Red Flags
Something didn’t sit right with Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) when Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) demanded the boys. A last-minute trip with two sleeping kids isn’t something parents normally do. However, Nikki had no right to stop her.

Covering Tracks
With Nick (Joshua Morrow) none the wiser, Chelsea called to cover her tracks. She claimed to be working all night and gave him the go-ahead to stay at the hospital. Sadly, he had no clue this could very well be the last time they ever said goodbye.

Taking Charge
Over at the hospital, Mariah (Camryn Grimes) worked overtime to keep Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) from getting anywhere near Sharon (Sharon Case). Phyllis and her conspiracy theories need to stay far away while Sharon gets her bearings and recovers.

In fact, Mariah got so upset she tried to send both Phyllis and Nick away!

Phyllis Goes All Out
Losing hope of seeing Sharon, Phyllis turned her attention to Nick and laid out her theory about Chelsea on the line. She kept mum about the paternity scandal but spilled her guts about everything else.

Phyllis warned Nick of her suspicions that not only did Chelsea wack Sharon but she was probably already on the run. Despite his protests, she begged him to make sure his children were really still at the ranch and check on his house.

Phyllis then made a last-ditch effort call to Victor (Eric Braeden). It only took seconds for Victor to spring into action and take heed of Phyllis’ accusations.

Tracing A Traitor
Within minutes, Victor was on the road chasing Chelsea down. He still has that GPS tracker on her car and knows exactly where she’s going. However, things take a terrible turn when he found the car but not her in it. Instead, he found Jordan (Darnell Kirkwood) behind the wheel.

Sharon Stood Her Ground
Back at the hospital, Phyllis finally got a chance to get in Sharon’s room and pushed her to pin the attack on Chelsea. Sharon may not remember anything but Phyllis knows she’s right. If nothing else, naming Chelsea will also get Paul on the tail. Of course, Sharon can’t just bring herself to do it and sticks to her own truth.

Child Abandonment
On the road, Chelsea had a last minute change of heart and turned around. Taking off with Connor is one thing, but kidnapping Christian is another. She drops the little one off on Vicky’s (Amelia Heinle) and drives away from the house as fast as she can.

Nick’s World Crashed
A stunned Victoria could hardly believe her eyes and called her brother right away. Poor Nick only found Chelsea’s “Dear John” letter minutes before admitting to the website sabotage and apologizing for leaving. His anger over being duped is over-the-top and the only good news is the hunt for Christian is over before it even began.

A Mystery Savior
In the car, Chelsea made a phone call to an unknown number and told someone she’s on her way.

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Poll: What’ll happen to Christian when the truth comes out?
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