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How Will the Newmans React To Nick and Chelsea Pairing

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On The Young and the Restless, considering that  mother and daughter Nikki and Victoria shared Brad, and father and son Victor and Nicholas (and half-brother Dylan) shared Sharon, why should the Newman family get too upset about the possibility of Nick getting it on with his late brother, Adam’s, widow, Chelsea?

But the stakes this time are more risky, and even if Nick (Joshua Morrow) doesn’t know it, Victor does. Over 3,000 of you voted on how you think the Newmans will react to this latest development.

Love Is Love Is Love
Since Victor (Eric Braeden) and Chelsea are the only ones who know that Adam actually fathered the baby boy Nick is raising as his own, 48% of fans believe the rest of the Newmans will have no trouble with the relationship. Everyone loves Chelsea! (Con-artist, what con-artist? Let bygones, be bygones. Why, hardly anyone even remembers that Chelsea is Johnny’s biological mother.)

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Mustache Mischief
On the other hand, 39% of viewers fear Victor will blow a gasket, worrying that Chelsea might let the baby Christian secret slip in a moment of passion. Considering how obsessed Victor is with his precious bloodlines, he has no problem with Adam’s (Justin Hartley) son being raised by Nick –just as long as the boy is groomed to be a proper Newman heir and doesn’t do anything silly like eventually develop interests or opinions of his own. But Victor suspects that Nick would have a problem with learning his son is actually his nephew, and that might upset Victor’s ongoing plan to control every member of his family forever.

Stranger Things
Finally, for 13% of you, the exact reasons don’t matter. You just believe the Nick and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) pairing is too strange, and expect all the Newman to feel the same way. Though, taking into account all the love interests they’ve shared through the years, it would be a serious case of the pot calling the kettle black.

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