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What’s Really Going On Between Genoa City’s Lauren and Jack?

The Young and the RestlessLauren and Jack on The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless fans know that Jack tends to get what he wants (unless it’s the upper hand over Victor — that’s more like the Coyote and Road Runner). And now Jack wants Lauren.

Well, he wants her business, Fenmore. Jack thinks the fading fast enterprise is ripe for a takeover. Meanwhile, Lauren is working with Jack’s ex, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), to revitalize her brand. Who will prevail? Here’s what over 5,000 of you think.

What’s the Buzz?
Based on her meeting with Lauren (Tracey Bregman), Phyllis knows all the buzz words that the hip, internet-savvy kids are using: Pro-active, customer-driven, user experience, app. She’s convinced their revamped online presence will have customers beating down their virtual doors, and Lauren is going along for the ride (she doesn’t really have much of a choice since Chelsea turned down her partnership offer). The women are sure they can’t lose now, and 65% of fans agree.

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Sisters Before Misters
In this case, 33% of you think that Ashley (Eileen Davidson) should forget whose sister she really is (that would be Jack’s) and side with her fellow women. You want Ashley to spill the beans to Lauren and Phyllis about Jack’s takeover plans, since forewarned is forearmed. But will it be enough? Lauren and Phyllis are already throwing everything they can think of at the wall and seeing what sticks. What more could they do even if they know Jack is gunning for them?

Ye of Little Faith (Not Newman)
Only a scant 2% of Genoa City watchers believe that Jack has what it takes to beat Lauren and Phyllis at their own game. It’s the Victor thing, isn’t it? You’re so used to Victor always winning over Jack (Peter Bergman), that you think there’s no one Jack can get the best of. But, think about it — maybe he’s due?

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