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What Will Jill Do With Her Ring on The Young and the Restless?

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On The Young and the Restless, after several days of shrieking at portraits of the dead and in faces of the living, Jill finally got back the ring Katherine left her, along with a letter explaining that Kay’s husband, Phillip, had intended to give it to Jill before he died (a.k.a. Kay killed him by driving the car she was driving off a cliff).

Unfortunately, there was a minor SNAFU as Jill’s estranged con-artist husband, Colin (Tristan Rogers), found the ring first and sold it, intending to use the money to replace cash he’d previously stolen from Jill. What a prince!

But Jill (Jess Walton) threw a fit, screaming how important the ring was to her, and how her entire life would have been different if she’d only had this symbol of Phillip’s love and commitment (guess the fact that he asked a minister to marry them on his deathbed wasn’t enough, maybe Jill thought he was kidding around?).

So Colin got the ring back, but now the question is, what will Jill do with it? Over 6,000 fans voted.

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Memory Jog
Even though Colin pointed out that selling the ring again would nab Jill the money she needed to buy controlling interest in Fenmore’s, 81% of you insist that Jill should keep the ring and wear it to remind herself of her best beloved. But is that what Phillip really was? The two knew each other for less than two years in the 1970s. She was a struggling, young manicurist, he was a wealthy older man stuck in a bad marriage with a drunk. Was it love or just proximity? And for those who claim that you never forget your child’s father, Jill had a tendency to forget said child for years at a time, so….

Hide and Seek
Whether or not Jill would still remember Phillip today if she hadn’t turned him into her motivation for going after Kay (Jeanne Cooper) for decades is irrelevant. At least Jill should remember that her current husband is a snake, and 13% of fans believe her most important task now is to hide the ring from Colin!

Buy! Sell! Trade!
Love, shmove. Who needs trinkets from a guy who once promised to build a family with her, now that Jill knows that her biological family is loaded? She’s a Fenmore, so 6% of viewers want Jill to head back to Colin’s dealer, sell the ring and get Lauren’s (Tracey Bregman) company while it’s hot!

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