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THIS Is Who Should Win in Court on Y&R!

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

A heated court battle needs a resolution on The Young and the Restless. Between the warring family and the complete disruption of one little boy’s entire world, it’s time to put things to rest and give him some normalcy.

How long can this battle over visitation go on? Will anybody put a stop to the madness? Soap Hub asked you who you want to see win in court.

Visitation For Dylan
More than 8,600 of you weighed in on this topic, and 51% of you believe Dylan (Steve Burton) deserves visitation. No matter what, he’s still Christian’s uncle, and in all this mess, he’s truly a victim, along with Nick.

You want to see his place in Christian’s life made official with guaranteed one-on-one time with the boy he raised as his son for nearly a year. Visitation guarantees him time with his “son” turned nephew.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Nick Retains Full Custody
For 41% of you, this entire court battle is a complete farce. You cannot even imagine a world where a child’s legal father would have to somehow grant visitation to his uncle after what happened in this instance.

You believe the absolute only way this situation can work out is for Nick (Joshua Morrow) to retain full custody of Christian. Anything else would just be preposterous.

Sharon and Dylan Take Custody
The remaining 9% of you actually want to see Sharon (Sharon Case) and Dylan take full custody of Christian. You feel like they should be the ones raising this little boy. They are the only mother and father he’s ever known, and you believe they are what is best for Christian. In fact, you know that the child’s best interest should take precedence over everything else.

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