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Daddy Devon: The Top Contender In The Hilary Baby Sweepstakes?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

It was pretty clear from the recent conversation that Hilary and Devon had at the GCAC bar on The Young and the Restless that there are still some deep feelings between the two. Devon had powerful thoughts on whether or not his ex should be a single mom.

Soap Hub asked fans if they think Devon (Bryton James) would make a good father to the baby Hilary (Mishael Morgan) wants to have. Read on for the results!

Father’s Day
The majority of you, 80%, think Devon would make a great dad. For starters, he’s rich and can give any child all the material goods that he or she would need in life. Education at the finest schools? Check. Lavish birthday parties? Check.

Perhaps most importantly, Devon knows the value of having a great father thanks to the love Neil (Kristoff St. John) gave him after he and Dru (Victoria Rowell) adopted him.

Don’t Go Back
The rest of you, 20%, feel that Devon would not make a great dad for Hilary’s baby.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Perhaps you feel that there’s too much water under the bridge between the two for them to make a go of it again. Or you feel that Devon would end up being too busy running his businesses and managing his money to give a child the attention he or she would need.

Paternity Puzzle
If Hilary goes with candidates on the canvas other than Devon or Ravi (Abhi Sinha), who’s already taken himself out of the running, there’s always Nick (Joshua Morrow), who has one less child than he thinks he does, the missing Jordan (Darnell Kirkwood), or Jack (Peter Bergman), who has lost touch with both of his sons.

Hilary certainly wants to be a mom, but it’s a huge undertaking. Once she becomes a parent, no matter who the father of her baby is, her life will never be the same!

The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for call times.

Video Credit: Erulastiel

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