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Why Are People Being Mean to Sally Spectra on The Young and the Restless?

The Young and the Restless Sally SpectraThe Young and the Restless Sally Spectra

Genoa City’s been home to many dastardly folks over the decades, including black market baby broker Rose DeVille, baby stealer/arsonist Sheila Carter, and cult leader Ian Ward. Characters on The Young and the Restless have rightfully feared them, but the unbridled animosity some are sending Sally Spectra’s way is greatly unwarranted.

The Young and the Restless Commentary

Sure, Sally (Courtney Hope) has a past from her time on The Bold and the Beautiful. She had a hand in swiping some stolen designs at Forrester Creations and upgraded her manipulations to lying about dying and (briefly) kidnapping Flo (Katrina Bowden), all in order to re-win ex-boyfriend Wyatt’s (Darin Brooks) heart.

Her schemes exposed, Sally left town, grateful that Wyatt and Flo opted not to press charges. She moved to Genoa City and looked up Spectra family friend Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman), hoping to start anew.

Alas, she’s mostly been unable to do so. Business rival Summer Newman (Hunter King) has been wary of Sally almost from the beginning; she doesn’t want the fiery redhead honing in on her work life or getting too close to her boyfriend, Kyle (Michael Mealor). Summer was especially suspicious of Sally when Theo (Tyler Johnson) — frankly, another character who didn’t get a fair shake — was in town.

Summer’s mom, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), also has put a target on Sally’s back. She doesn’t like Sally giving Summer a hard time and Phyllis also doesn’t like her cozying up to Phyllis’s ex, Jack (Peter Bergman), who’s currently unattached.

Summer went so far as to go to Los Angeles to dig up some dirt on Sally for ammunition. She got it from Flo, and Summer has been taunting Sally with the info on and off, subtly and not-so-subtly, ever since she and Flo had lunch. Kyle also doesn’t want Sally in his orbit.

Give Sally A Chance

But why is everyone so against Sally? The fact is Sally hasn’t done anything bad since her arrival in town. She’s developing a friendship with Jack and accepted a job (way beneath her skill-set) from Lauren. That’s about it. And let’s take a look at who is out to get this woman.

There’s Summer, who recently reminded viewers, when she had a heart to heart with Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind), that she’d been a teen bully. Isn’t Sally being bullied now on some level?

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Meanwhile, Kyle seems more concerned with Sally finding out that he’s fathered a son rather than being concerned about what role, if any, he’ll play in his newly discovered child’s life. Memo to Kyle: you’ve got a kid. He’s your concern — not Sally.

Everyone Has A Past

As far as Phyllis goes, perhaps she sees a lot of herself in Sally? But Phyllis telling Summer that Sally needs to be “gotten rid of” is going too far. Phyllis has made lots of big mistakes herself over the years. Let’s not forget she rented a car and plowed into Christine (Lauralee Bell) and Paul (Doug Davidson) shortly before their wedding.

By the way, when Flo was filling in Summer on Sally’s wicked ways, did she mention that Wyatt dumped Sally not once but twice? Wyatt had a problem with Sally keeping a secret from him about Thomas’s (Matthew Atkinson) feelings for Hope (Annika Noelle).

Okay, she should have told him. But Flo stayed mum after learning that Wyatt’s niece was alive! Isn’t that far worse? Flo’s looking for a second chance from the people she’s wronged. Shouldn’t Sally have one, too?

And let’s not forget that Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) detonated Spectra Fashions with Sally and his own son Liam (Scott Clifton) still inside. Sure, sure, Bill didn’t know they were still in there, but that’s the point – he should have double-checked! Sally was almost killed and got dumped by not only Wyatt but by Thomas, too.

She’s been looking for a new start and was hoping to find one in Genoa City. The negative treatment she’s been getting doesn’t warrant anything she’s done since coming to town. Maybe she should be given the benefit of the doubt until she actually does do something evil?

Jack’s giving Sally a chance. Other people need to, too. Otherwise, Sally can form a support group with Faith. After all, she’s being bullied as well. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for airtimes.

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