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Which Newman Should Never Be Crossed On The Young and the Restless?

The Young and the Restless NewmansThe Young and the Restless Newmans

Crossing a Newman is never a good life choice on The Young and the Restless. But which member of that particular family is your worst bet for making mad? What over 3,000 fans feel certain about:

The Young and the Restless Polling: Head Of the Household

The scariest, most powerful, best, most generous, and humblest Newman is Victor (Eric Braeden), you got that, 75% mumble in imitation of their hero. If you make him angry, he will never forgive you… until he magnanimously decides to do so. But that’s his choice, not yours. If you don’t listen, then you’ll be the one damned. As every one of Victor’s children – and wives – have learned over the years.

Chip Off the Old Block

A substantially smaller 10% voted for Adam (Mark Grossman). He inherited Victor’s vengeful streak, his elephant level memory, and his tendency to blame everyone else for the consequences of his own actions. Sure, Connor (Judah Mackey) is the apple of his eye now. But don’t you dare screw up, kid. Or think your own thoughts. Look what Adam did to Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) when she stopped going with the program.

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Daddy’s Girl

An almost equal 9% believe Adam’s big sister can give him a run for his money in the vengeance department. Look at her buying Phyllis’s (Michelle Stafford) hotel out from under her. Or selling off pieces of Newman Enterprises just to show Victor who the new boss was.

Mama Bear Nikki

A last-place 6% voted for Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). She may be a Newman by marriage, and she may be a little quieter about her plots than her husband, daughter, and stepson. But when you cross Nikki, you risk making an enemy for life. Just ask Sharon (Sharon Case)… Nikki is still bitter about the girl who seduced her precious baby boy back in high school! The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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