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The Great Escape: Where Is Graham Taking Dina On The Young And The Restless?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

First, fans of The Young and the Restless were wondering if Ashley would locate her mother, Dina, after she had collapsed. Now, they’re hoping that Ash, Jack and Traci can find Dina now that Graham is wheeling the Abbott matriarch onto a private plane!

It would help if they knew what Graham’s destination is! Soap Hub asked Y&R viewers to play detective and figure out where he’s flying off to!

Mommies Dearest
Most of you, 46%, think Graham (Max Shippee) is headed for warmer climates, specifically, Florida and the assisted living facility where his mother, Myrna, is. This makes sense if Y&R is planning on having a showdown between the two women.

Myrna could tell Dina (Marla Adams) off for stealing Brent Davis away from the family, leaving a hole in Graham’s heart. Dina, never one to back down from a fight, could snarl back that she did the Bloodworths a favor since Brent was no good!

Bonjour, Paris!
Provided there’s enough fuel, some of you, 29%, feel it’s possible that Brent is taking Dina back to Paris where the two came from earlier this year.

What do you think? Post a comment!

And, who could blame Brent for this? He’s been months away from all his stuff and he needs to go through all that mail that’s been accumulating. Bonus: if Graham and Dina are headed back to France, then perhaps the show might go on remote! C’est magnifique!

Round Trip
We know Graham’s crafty so maybe he’s going to circle back to the airstrip and come right back to Genoa City? A small, but insightful group of you, 17%, think that’s his plan! The remaining voters, 8%, believe he’ll pick a remote island.

This isn’t likely. Island sets on soaps are seldom convincing and the humidity in the tropics wouldn’t mesh well with Dina’s bangs!

Safe Travels
No matter where Graham and Dina end up, fans hope the Abbott kids can rescue their mom. There’s been a lot of disharmony among them given that Dina walked out in their formative years, but she’s likely to find out just how much they do care for her based on their reaction to Graham wheeling her away to places unknown!

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for time and channel.

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