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What Should Sharon Do With Crimson Lights Now?

Sharon Case on The Young and the RestlessSharon Case on The Young and the Restless

On The Young and the Restless, Sharon (Sharon Case) has a million things to worry about.

There’s her husband leaving her, the whole town seeing her as a baby-napper, her daughter preferring to live with her grandparents, and Sharon’s generally precarious mental state.

Does she really need to add running a business to her plate? Crimson Lights is technically all hers now, but what should she do with it? Over 5000 viewers have some advice:

Honor Your History
Soaps are always being lambasted for not thoroughly honoring their history, and Crimson Lights is chock full of memories. Sharon and Nick (Joshua Morrow) fell in love there, he proposed to her there, and then they bought the place to run together.

Of course, it also kind of caused the death of daughter Cassie (Camryn Grimes), and the fact that Dylan (Steve Burton) owned it last has the potential to be constant salt in Sharon’s wounds, but, nevertheless, 62% of you believe Sharon should keep it going.

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Renew! Renew!
Everyone is all about rebranding these days. Time Warner Cable is now Spectrum, Google rolled into Alphabet, and Vine briefly became Vine Camera before shutting down completely.

So why shouldn’t Sharon simply rebrand Crimson Lights, wonder 26% of fans. She could then have a fresh start – without having to pay a flip tax.

For Sale By Owner
Then again, a new name won’t wipe away old memories. They’ll still lurk in every corner, along with the feint whiff of stale coffee beans. As a result, 12% of you believe Sharon should bite the bullet, suck up the taxes, and sell.

It’s not like she hasn’t done it before, and managed to survive just fine. Crimson Lights was Sharon’s teen-age dream, a continuation of her teen-age love story that didn’t quite work out. It’s time for her to move on from both.

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