The Young and the Restless

What Ever Happened To The Young and the Restless’ Evil David Kimble?

What Happened To The Young and the Restless David KimbleWhat Happened To The Young and the Restless David Kimble

While The Young and the Restless has played host to a plethora of evildoers over the years, the wealth-obsessed, murderously-incline David Kimble is surely one of the most memorable.

Who Was David Kimble on The Young and the Restless?

David dutifully took dictation for Jill Foster Abbott, and he soaked up the modicum of praise doled out for his effort. But there was something other than approval that David desperately desired from his boss.

Yes, her body would do. However, the real prize was her cash! His plan had been simple: seduce, destroy, and walk away with a fortune.

Unfortunately for David, Jill found a new beau to keep her company so her handsome secretary’s “services” were no longer required… in the office that is. He could, on the other hand, assist her with a far more pressing matter: ridding the Chancellor family of their dreaded in-law Nina.

David accepted the assignment, the monetary reward, and set about wooing the still weeping (very wealthy) widow – she was, after all, only a few years removed from the death of her husband, Phillip.

Nina fell under David’s sway, but he wasn’t as successful at charming his nascent lover’s closest friends, Danny and Christine. And when Christine pressed him on intentions, David threatened he would carve up her “pretty face” should she continue to stand in the way of his and Nina’s “happiness.”

Buyer’s Remorse 
David’s tactics proved successful. Not only did he convince Nina to elope with him, but he had also convinced her of his sincerity by signing a prenuptial agreement that would entitle him to nothing should they divorce.

Soon, he was ensconced in his own business (David A. Kimble Investments) which had been paid for by his doe-eyed wife – who also inadvertently introduced her husband to the woman that would become his mistress, Diane Westin.

But David still had a problem. How in the world was he going to get his hands on Nina’s considerable fortune? When he learned that Phillip Chancellor IV, the son Nina shared with her late husband, stood as the sole beneficiary of Nina’s estate, David pressured his bride to allow him to legally adopt the boy.

It was an inevitability that did not sit well with Jill nor with Katherine Chancellor, who had looked upon Phillip as the grandchild she never had. Both women did their utmost to dissuade Nina of the notion as did Danny and Christine.

The Young and the Restless: Rise of a Villain 
Meanwhile, Diane’s snooping uncovered a shocking fact about her employer turned lover. While living as Tom Harper, David had romanced, married, and murdered a wealthy heiress named Rebecca!

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Vivian, a former acquaintance of the Harpers, arrived in Genoa City intent on proving David’s black widower status but she in turn became another of his victims.

Through her own investigation, Christine stumbled upon the same information as Diane. The former took her story to Nina who had already been told the whole sordid tale by the latter.

Commitment to a Cause

In response, Nina emptied an entire gun cartridge into David’s chest! The severely wounded man was rushed into surgery and upon recovering, he faked catatonia so he could avoid answering to the charges that Nina was leveling at him.

He even managed to stifle his reaction to Jill violently manipulating his nether-regions in a bid to prove his fraud. But when a jury deemed Nina’s actions as justifiable, David knew he had to act quickly.

He managed to fake his death (with the aid of a corpse that he stole from the hospital’s morgue and set fire to), but his plan to force a plastic surgeon into reconstructing his face to resemble actor David Hasselhoff hit a major snag – the frightened doctor carved the word KILLER into his forehead instead while he was under the anesthesia.

Diane, however, came to his rescue. With her help, as well as the assistance of a makeup artist, David was able to adopt a new persona: Jim Adams, a mustachioed, graying Southern gentleman.

As Jim, David romanced Flo Webster, Nina’s mother. He soon talked her into marriage, and then he stealthy manipulated her into convincing Nina that she and her new “husband” should be included in Nina’s will.

David Kimble Meets His The Young and the Restless End 
When Nina agreed and signed necessary papers, David began plotting his ultimate revenge: the deaths of Nina and Christine. But how to accomplish his goal? Strand them on a deserted island? Feed them to ravenous rodents? No, a simple execution via handgun would do nicely.

David timed the murders to coincide with Katherine and Rex’s masquerade ball. After shooting his intended victims, David also fired a shot at Danny for good measure. But the bullets in his gun were wax… courtesy of Diane.

With his prey in hot pursuit, David ducked inside a garbage chute. But during his attempt to escape the contraption, he inadvertently engaged the trash compactor and was seemingly crushed to death! The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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