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The Ultimate Betrayal: Is VICTOR Jack’s Father on The Young and the Restless (YR)?

Jack and Victor The Young and the RestlessJack and Victor The Young and the Restless

In the early 1980s, just as the Brooks and Foster families were leaving Genoa City, The Young and the Restless (YR) fans met the Abbotts. Dad John, and his kids, Jack, Ashley, and Traci. (Jack actually arrived first, then John, then the girls.)

Once they were front and center, you learned that their mother, Dina (Marla Adams), had an affair, and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) wasn’t really John’s child. Much, much angst ensued, but John died without ever learning the truth.

Now, Dina has dropped another bombshell: Jack (Peter Bergman) isn’t John’s biological child, either!

Unfortunately, due to her dementia, she can’t quite recall exactly who his father is. But, based on the way she flirted with Victor (Eric Braeden) when he pretended to be her date instead of an absent John has prompted viewers to wonder: Could Victor be Jack’s dad????

Here’s what over 7,000 had to say:

No Way, No How, No Thanks
It was tighter than it should have been, but 55% of you came down on the side of “no.” First, let’s be practical.

As far as anyone knows, Victor only got to Genoa City a few years before Jack. He wasn’t hanging out at the country club back in the day with Dina. For one thing, he would have been too poor then.

For another, if characters are the same ages as their portrayers, then Victor is about 77, and Jack is about 64. Technically possible, and we do know that Dina likes her men young – she told Ashley and Abby (Melissa Ordway) how grateful they are – but THAT young?

Bring It On
Oh, for God’s sake, round it up and down and we’re good to go, another 45% dismisses. Make Jack late 50s and Victor later 70s and we’re in business (without Dina needing to commit a crime).

Forget math, the story possibilities here are endless!

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