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The Young and the Restless Wayback: Remember Hope

The Young and the Restless HopeThe Young and the Restless Hope

Throughout soap opera history, there have been many brave heroines and mothers, determined to do whatever is best for their children. One such woman is Hope Adams, the mother of Victor Newman’s son, Adam, on The Young and the Restless. Here’s a look back at the gone, but never-forgotten Hope.

Hope For The Future
Victor came upon the farm of Hope Adams after he’d been carjacked and presumed dead to his loved ones. Victor quickly took to Hope, who was blind, first by fending off an attacker and then going to work on her farm. Hope helped bring out Victor’s more caring side. He’d burned a lot of emotional bridges back in Genoa City, but Hope helped Victor heal and eventually return to his family.

Over The Cliff
Feeling like an outsider in Hope’s world, Victor reclaimed his life, but upon learning that Hope was going to wed her longtime friend Cliff, he returned to Kansas. Hope called off her future with Cliff. A virgin, Hope made love to Victor. She came back with him to Genoa City and they were married. A drunk Nikki crashed the reception, clearly not over her feelings for the mustached mogul.

Pregnant Pause
Hope became pregnant and she and Victor learned that their son may inherit the genetic condition that resulted in Hope’s blindness. Victor urged Hope to abort their baby, but she refused. Hope, frustrated, returned to Kansas to tend to Cliff, who’d been injured. Hope gave birth to Victor’s son – Victor Adam Jr. She opted to stay in Kansas. After divorcing Victor, Hope wed Cliff and they raised Adam in Kansas.

What’s Best
After surviving being shot by Mari Jo Mason, Victor visited Hope to recover and see his son. He saw that Hope, Cliff, and Adam had a happy life. Later, Hope’s life took a tragic turn after Cliff was killed in an accident. Victor came to Kansas again to support his former wife. Victor brought Hope to Genoa City and made changes to his penthouse so she could function more easily.

Hope tried to be independent, but living in a big city she fell prey to a purse-snatcher. She ended up working at a medical clinic with Dr. Kurt Costner and took a fancy to the good doctor. Around this time, Victor impulsively wed Diane Jenkins. This stopped Hope from telling Adam that Victor was his dad. She and Adam returned to Kansas.

Untimely End
Hope reached out to Victor to let him know that she’d been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Despite Victor’s efforts to have specialists extend her life, Hope passed away.

Before dying, she reunited Victor with Adam, telling her son that the powerful mogul was his birth father. Victor offered Adam a position at his company, but Adam turned him down. He eventually came to Genoa City and acted as an antagonist in his father’s life, causing all kinds of mayhem.

Spiritual Signs
After the death of Richard Hightower, Hope came to Adam in a dream, informing her son that she could never rest in peace given his heinous actions. A vision of Hope appeared to Adam again after he’d been temporarily blinded by Patty Williams.

Hope appeared as a “Ghost of Christmas Past” one holiday season when Victor was going through a journey of becoming more self-aware. Hope’s passing is all the more tragic because she was likely one of the few people capable of reminding her troubled son of his humanity. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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