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Sybil the Psychic Predicts the Future: Sharon’s on Shaky Ground!

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

It’s been a stressful week for Sharon as she learned Patty was her stalker and what her intentions are, but I – Sybil the Psychic – plan to look into The Young and the Restless future to see what’s ahead for her.

By examining my crystal ball, tea leaves, and laying out the cards, I plan to predict what’s coming up for Sharon (Sharon Case). But I make no promises, because let’s face it – it’s not an exact science (and I’m not really that…talented). Okay, it’s time to dig in.

Near Future
The crystal ball shows that Sharon’s life is about to get even more complicated than ever. Patty has already accomplished a lot and is about to double down. It looks like there’s even more trouble on the home front soon. It involves secrets coming to light that could be embarrassing and hurtful to those she loves. This could cause a change in living arrangements, as their lives will never be the same. It appears that support for Sharon will dwindle as her past problems move to the forefront.

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A Few Weeks Down the Line
Sharon has pulled the Wheel of Fortune card from the tarot deck. Events in her life are subject to luck – she needs to tend to things in her control with care and try not to agonize over those that are not. The actions of her past are the seeds to her future success – or her future downfall. She needs to remember that currently luck is not in her control. The future will breed opportunity to change her path towards personal growth and happiness, but she has to be ready to change her way of thinking and her actions.

Long Forecast
In reading the consultant’s tea leaves, a blurred anchor has appeared. The anchor itself is a lucky symbol, meaning success in business or love but with it blurred – it means the opposite. I’m so sorry, Sharon, but it looks like you’re in for hard times for the foreseeable future.

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