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The Young and the Restless Spoilers (YR): Billy Drops Major Bombshell on Phyllis and Vicky!

The Young and the Restless SpoilersThe Young and the Restless Spoilers

The Young and the Restless spoilers (YR) reveal Vicky’s health takes a dramatic and dangerous turn. Finally, after quickly declining since her fight with Abby, she decides it’s time to get a doctor involved.

A Devastating Illness
Headaches, fogginess, and now fainting in the elevator have Victoria (Amelia Heinle) on edge and she’s afraid this is just the tip of the iceberg. The busy business woman knows it’s time to get herself checked out.

Of course, she’s terrified of what the test results might show.

Billy Steps Up?
Luckily for Victoria, it looks like she may not have to suffer through this devastating illness alone.

Once Billy (Jason Thompson) gets wind of her mysterious sickness he’s right by her side ready to pick up the pieces in more ways than one.


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Spotlight on Victoria
If Victoria is deathly ill, it could mean the end of one love affair and the rekindling of another. Billy’s steadfast dedication to the mother of his children could destroy his burgeoning relationship with Phyllis.

Phyllis Loses Out
Poor Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) is finally the woman on Billy’s arm, but Victoria is getting all his attention.

She’s starting to realize she’s never going to come first in Billy’s life and it won’t be long before she loses it. She might not have the fortitude to make it through this time while Billy helps nurse the mother of his children back to health without losing her temper in a huge way.

No More Philly?

Phyllis has a gnarly jealous side to her. When it comes out it’s ugly. She’ll turn an innocent moment into a full blown war without even thinking twice.

Sadly, her green eyed monster has scared many men away in the past and she could very well drive Billy away too.

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