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The Young and the Restless Recap: Mariah Copeland

The Young and the Restless MariahThe Young and the Restless Mariah

Mariah Copeland — a young woman who had to learn the difference between right and wrong the hard way. Figuring out how to open her heart up to others was a lesson that proved just as difficult.

Who Is Mariah Copeland?

Mariah is the biological daughter of Frank Barritt and Sharon Collins Newman and the identical twin of Cassidy Ann “Cassie” Newman. Upon her birth, Mariah was sold by Sharon’s attending physician, Dr. Hill, to Helen Copeland — a devotee of New World leader Ian Ward.

Mariah was reared in the group’s commune but she eventually fled and lived as a Portland-based grifter. At some point, she met Tyler Michaelson and they became engaged but the relationship ended badly.

After abandoning Oregon, lest she be arrested on charges of robbery, Mariah was contacted by Victor Newman and hired to use her “remarkable resemblance” to Cassie as a weapon against a secret-keeping Sharon.

Trouble – Particularly of the Male Variety
When the scheme reached its inevitable conclusion, Sharon actually took pity on her tormenter and offered Mariah shelter. Meanwhile, the young woman schemed to reclaim Tyler, who was dating Abby Newman, but her efforts merely resulted in her getting extradited back to Portland.

When her situation was straightened out, Mariah returned to Genoa City — and Sharon’s home — where she set about seducing Nick Newman, her sister’s adoptive father. When Sharon discovered the plan, she threw Mariah out.

Alone, terrified, and blaming the world for her problems, Mariah found herself falling under Ian Ward’s sway once again. With his help, she was able to infiltrate her family’s lives.

But, when she had a change of heart, Mariah found herself kidnapped by the cult leader, drugged, and legally bound to him by marriage! Once extricated from her predicament, Mariah learned the shocking truth that Sharon actually was her biological mother — and turned to Kevin Fisher for comfort.

That relationship went nowhere and neither did her brief interactions with Austin Travers and Devon. Instead, Mariah found herself drawn to musician Tessa Porter, with whom she shared a kiss.

Moving Forward
However, any thought of taking things further was out of the question — until a little prodding from Kyle Abbott made the women realized that they would be perfect together. But it was far from smooth sailing.

First, Tessa broke Mariah’s heart by stealing her journal and using it as fodder for song lyrics. Then she blackmailed Sharon, Victoria, and Nikki over them disposing JT Hellstrom’s supposed corpse. Somehow, romance prevailed.

And Mariah was even able to forgive Tessa’s omission of her previous marriage to Tanner Watts and encouraged her to go on tour with the superstar. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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