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The Young and the Restless Poll Results: Fans Pick Victoria’s New Man

Victoria The Young and the RestlessVictoria The Young and the Restless

Things are going well for Victoria on The Young and the Restless… professionally speaking, that is. She is the official CEO of Newman Enterprises, and she’s sold off pieces of it, making Victor fume with futile fury.

The Young and the Restless Polling

Personally, though, Victoria is in a state of transition. Who should be the new man in her life? Over 5,000 fans have an opinion about that!

Look Around, Victoria

A winning 60% of you think Victoria (Amelia Heinle) has exhausted the Genoa City dating pool. Seriously, she is either related to everyone in her age group, or already been there, hit that. (Sometimes both; no, we don’t mean incest, we just mean she’s had a lot of in-laws, too.) If Victoria is going to find love, it’s got to be with a proper stranger.

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Willy Nilly on Billy

A smaller 36% want her to take another dip in the Billy (Jason Thompson) pool. She just said she’s not angry with him anymore. She said he’s a good co-parent to Johnny and Katie. It’s the path of least resistance. And they’re both too tired to do anything different.

Nate Is New

Nate (Sean Dominic) is relatively new to Genoa City. And they’re not related. Well, Victoria once dated his uncle Neil (Kristoff St. John). But at least she hasn’t known him since childhood. Well, OK, she has. But he was gone for a bunch of years in between. It’s better than nothing, 3% of the audience suggests.

Last Place

Less than 1% of the vote went to Devon (Bryton James). There’s the ‘she’s dated his dad’ thing. There’s the ‘she knew him when he was a kid’ thing. There’s the have they ever even shared a scene thing, and, oh, yeah, he’s taken. But you never know what could happen and clearly a handful of people were intrigued enough by the idea to consider it. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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