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The Young and the Restless News Update: Redaric Williams Star Talks PUMP, Shemar Moore

Redaric Williams The Young and the RestlessRedaric Williams The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless fans recall Redaric Williams, who came to Genoa City in 2012, as Leslie Michaelson’s brother, Tyler. After revisiting his relationship with his father and romancing Abby, Tyler faded from the canvas. Now, Williams has a new series titled PUMP on the streaming service UrbanFlixTV.

Catching Up With Redaric Williams

PUMP tells the story of a fitness mogul (Ray J) who tries to get back on top after taking a financial fall. Williams plays Howard, a boxer turned trainer, who is always trying the latest nutrition fad.

Soap Hub: PUMP looks hilarious! How’d it come about?
Redaric Williams: This show really pushes boundaries. After I read, [the co-creator/producer/writer/director] Corey Grant said, ‘I’ve got to have you for this role. You’re so believable!’ My character, Howard, is a former Golden Gloves boxer from Inglewood. I see him as someone who has almost an addictive personality. Once he was no longer boxing regularly, he dipped his finger in the ‘honey pot’ and realized he liked it. He’s a nutritionist and a bit of a mad scientist. He’s always experimenting on himself, saying it’s ‘research.’

What else have you been up to since leaving YR?
I did two seasons of The Quad on BET. I did a guest spot on Lucifer and a few films for Netflix. I’ve been writing a lot, too. Angell [Conwell, ex- Leslie, YR] is on a show called Family Time. She knows I have an interest in writing so she reached out to me and we collaborated on a script. [The producers] picked it up and we got a writing credit!

What did you learn working with Angell?
Angell is an artist who is very authentic. We’d had a lot of dialogue in scenes at YR. I’d find myself trying to navigate it. She was my anchor. She’s bringing me into the moment and hold me in the scene. Her work ethic is insane. She prepares like no one I’ve ever seen. I saw this great scene between her and Kristoff [St. John, Neil]. It was like watching a play. I was off to the side getting goosebumps.

Did you know Kristoff well?
Yes. He had given me such a warm welcome when I joined YR. He had answers for me before I ever had questions. Kristoff wanted me to hit the ground running. He was such a warm person, a good human being, and an amazing actor.

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Tyler and Abby (Melissa Ordway) were engaged and then we learned he’d been involved with Mariah (Camryn Grimes). Later, Tyler more or less vanished…what happened?
[Laughs] Your guess is as good as mine! It was like…’exit stage left!’ I think a new head writer came on board and that person had their own vision for the show. That job must have a lot of pressure to it.

Would you be up for a return visit to YR?
Absolutely, always! I love that show and I love everybody over there, the fans…everything about that show and that job was amazing.

You were compared to Shemar Moore (ex-Malcolm) when you joined YR. Did you feel any pressure?
Never. It was beyond flattering to be compared to Shemar. He solidified the part of Malcolm and he brought so much to YR. When you come into a new arena and you’re being compared to someone who’s been great in that arena, you never take offense. Shemar’s interchangeable with YR so I was definitely flattered.

Back to PUMP, do you feel that content on streaming services can push the envelope?
Definitely. All the streaming services play by their own rules. There’s a lot of freedom and creativity. Not all projects call for the envelope to be pushed, but there are no confinements.

PUMP can be streamed now on UrbanFlixTV. You can see a trailer below. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

Video Credit: Pump TV Show

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