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The Young and the Restless News: Camryn Grimes Live Tweets Cassie’s Death

Camryn Grimes The Young and the RestlessCamryn Grimes The Young and the Restless

Even all these years later, watching Cassie’s death on The Young and the Restless can stir all the emotions, especially for the actress who portrayed her — Camryn Grimes. She live-tweeted the classic episode today and let fans in on some of the backstage secrets from that fateful day.

Camryn Grimes Recalls Cassie’s Death

Grimes, who now plays Cassie’s twin Mariah, took the time Wednesday afternoon to answer fans’ questions on Twitter about what it was like for her to look back on her other YR character’s brutal (for fans watching) death scene.

When responding to the advertisement from the show’s official Twitter account, Grimes wrote, “It’s okay to cry, we’ll do it together. And also my grandma… she’ll def be crying.” She certainly wasn’t alone. Grimes revealed that someone else close to her was having a hard time keeping it together. “Three minutes in and my bf is already crying Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat #yr.”

As for questions, @suzysak asked, “Out of all the stories that Cassie was involved in, does one stand out as your favorite?” to which Grimes answered, “Her death is obviously iconic but there was a storyline where she fell into an icy lake and went into a coma and that was super fun to film. ”

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But the actress wasn’t just answering questions. She was also commenting on the action including, “Also can we just acknowledge that Cassie died because of a crush? Learn from this, young ones.” as well as, “Poor Amelia [Heinle], these were basically her first scenes as Victoria. Such a trooper, so talented.”

Twitter user @CynthiaJConway asked, “What is your most vivid memory from Cassie’s death scene? ” to which Grimes answered, “Everyone gathered on set to watch.” She later added, “It was impossible not to cry, if you look closely you can see tears running down the sides of my face.”

She also kidded that “the writer who asked Josh to do a lullaby is also a sadist.” She was obviously speaking for everyone who watched this episode again. The actress was also moved by the last scene with Noah, especially since she’s a big sister.

While it’s devastating to watch this episode again, at least fans can take heart that the actress is back where she belongs, bringing life to Cassie’s twin, Mariah. She even brought Cassie back in a dream sequence earlier this year when Sharon imagined her daughter there after learning she has breast cancer. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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