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The Young and the Restless Character Recap: Rey Rosales

The Young and the Restless Rey RosalesThe Young and the Restless Rey Rosales

Throughout soap opera history, daytime dramas have employed strong-willed lawmen to keep the peace on their respective soaps. That’s what The Young and the Restless was thinking when it hired Daytime Emmy-winner Jordi Vilasuso as Det. Rey Rosales last year.

The burned-too-often-by-love character has been around for over a year and has already situated himself as one of the show’s more popular leading men. Here’s a refresher on Rey’s life.

Who Is Rey Rosales?

Rey pretended to be an insurance investigator when in reality he was a police detective trying to find out what happened to missing abuser J.T. Hellstrom. He couldn’t help but notice hushed meetings among Sharon Newman, Nikki Newman, Phyllis Summers, and Victoria Newman — the four women who took party in J.T.’s “murder” and cover up. Later, Rey revealed his true identity and arrested Nick Newman to find out what he knew about J.T.

Crimson Heights
Rey got to know Sharon after she rented a room to him upstairs from Crimson Lights. Rey made it clear he had an estranged wife, Mia, but the attraction between him and Sharon was evident. Sharon and Rey got closer, much to Nick’s chagrin.

Mama Mia!
Rey’s wife, Mia, made the scene and made her presence known. He decided to make his life with Mia work since his own father had walked out on his family. Still, when Rey and Mia were making love, she called out his brother Arturo’s (her first love) name. That sent Rey running back into Sharon’s arms. Later, Rey and Mia renewed their wedding vows, sending a message to Sharon that he was now off-limits.

Conflict Of Interest

Rey Rosales investigated the case of his sister Lola being shoved into a pool on a freezing cold night and discovered that Mia was Lola’s attacker! He was about to arrest her when she announced that she was pregnant. Alas, she later revealed that Arturo was the dad, devastating Rey. He then faced another conflict when he learned that Sharon had called 911 the night J.T. was “killed.”

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Outside The Law
Rey’s love for Sharon was evident when he teamed up with Nick and Billy to bust the women they loved out of jail. Paul blasted Rey for his role in helping Sharon even though J.T. turned out to be alive but then still tossed Rey off the police force.

Brothers In Charms
Rey and Arturo made peace before he and a pregnant Mia left town. Rey quickly fell back into a dynamic with Sharon, but Adam’s return from the dead hampered their blossoming relationship. Mariah, Sharon’s daughter, feels that there’s potential there and has helped maneuver Sharon and Rey back into each other’s path.

Back In The Saddle on The Young and the Restless

Rey was given his position back at the Genoa City Police Department. He stepped up to play surrogate father of the bride when his baby sister Lola wed Kyle. Rey and Sharon shouldn’t be discounted from making it to the altar themselves. Rey’s true feelings for Sharon came out after he acted affectionately towards her when he mistakenly took a drug at the opening of the Grand Phoenix.

Rey found Paul lying to him about knowing Victor was alive a bit ironic as Paul had blasted Rey for his role in freeing Sharon. But, as Paul pointed out to Rey, he’s the boss! The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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