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Five Facts About Young and Oh-So-Restless Adam Newman

Justin Hartley on The Young and the RestlessJustin Hartley on The Young and the Restless

Genoa City sure got a lot hotter when Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) arrived the “Young and the Restless” scene.

The son of resident zillionaire Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and his former love, Hope, is quite the complicated character.

He’s stolen hearts, broken souls, and still can’t fill that hole in his heart. Think you know everything about him? Think again.

When the dark-haired stranger first darkened Genoa City’s doorstep, he was known as Victor Adam Wilson and went by Vic.

It wasn’t until his mom was dying that he found out Victor Newman was his father. Hope (Signy Coleman) decided it was time he learned Cliff Wilson wasn’t his real father. The revelation sent Adam reeling.

Hope and Victor
Hope and Victor

Adam began showing signs of his biological father’s darker side. In over his head with his latest scheme, he tried faking blindness with a injection Botox injection. It ended up spurring retinitis pigmentosa, the same illness that made his mother, Hope, go blind. Later, a sub-retinal implant restored his vision.

Adam, then played by Chris Engen
Adam, then played by Chris Engen

Before Adam knew Sharon (Sharon Case), he didn’t think twice about switching her baby with Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) stillborn child. He did feel remorse about it and wanted to make it up to her. It was his doing that, and slowly getting to know her – that he fell in love.

Sharon Case on The Young and the Restless
Sharon Newman

Adam has faked his death and was also presumed dead. When he faked his death, he set up Nick (Joshua Morrow) to take the fall. Victor and Jack (Peter Bergman) teamed up and busted Adam. A little later, his family thought he was dead–again due to a car crash and explosion. But in true Adam fashion, he survived to wreak more havoc.

Michael Muhney
Adam, as played by Michael Muhney

When Adam returned to Genoa City, literally as a new man–Gabriel Bingham–he confided in Jack Abbott. Of all people! He knew he could get Jack to help him. Jack threatened to go to the police. When Adam showed him his bullet wound, courtesy of Billy, Jack backed off. Adam’s latest blackmail scheme seemed to be working. He was back in the swing of things on “Young and the Restless” and now hopes to keep himself out of jail!

Justin Hartley and Melissa Claire Egan on The Young and the Restless
Adam and Chelsea

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