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The Young and the Restless: 5 Pivotal Moments From The Week Of June 24 – 28

The Young and the Restless Moments 2The Young and the Restless Moments 2

Soap opera stories either crawl or fly by, meaning that sometimes we have to miss big developments. Never fear, Soap Hub is here to fill you in on what you missed last week on The Young and the Restless.

Red’s Got A Brand New Gig
Adam (Mark Grossman) was not happy that Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) knew he was hanging around with Chance Chancellor in Las Vegas but he covered his disappointment well.

Adam denied Phyllis’s accusation that he had her kidnapped and then surprised her with an offer– come and run Dark Horse. Phyllis mulled her options and agreed. She also delighted in revealing the news to friends and enemies alike.

The Moustache Makes A Big Decision
Victor (Eric Braden) paid a late night visit to Nicholas (Joshua Morrow) and the two reconnected. Victor apologized for taking Nick to court for custody of Christian. Furthermore, he assured his son that he would support him during Adam’s custody fight.

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The father/son reconciliation couldn’t have come at a better time because Victor faced a big challenge. Nate (Sean Dominic) revealed that the treatment for Victor’s blood disease was no longer working. Nate told Victor and Nikki that there was another course of treatment — but it came with a risk: Diminished Mental Capacity.

Victor brought Nick into his confidence and asked his son what he would advise. Nick didn’t hesitate to tell his father to take the treatment if it meant a possible cure.

Return of the Living Chloe
Kevin (Greg Rikaart) told Adam that he had found evidence that would paint Nick in a bad light in the upcoming custody suit. But the information would come at a price: Kevin wanted Chloe (Elizabeth Henderickson), and he wanted her now!

Adam brought Kevin to …continue reading on the next page —>

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