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The Young and the Restless Spoilers (YR): Is Tessa A Gold Digger?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless spoilers (YR) reveal suspicions about Tessa circulating through the Genoa City crowd. Something is going on with the newcomer, and even Sharon wants to get to the bottom of things!

A Hidden Past
It seems Tessa’s (Cait Fairbanks) is getting too close to the Newman clan too fast for everyone’s liking. Just weeks ago she was living in her car and playing guitar for change and now she’s all set up in an elegant mansion with the richest couple in the city.

While everyone knows Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) famous for her charity work, she’s never taken this much interest in a stray.

What’s She Up To?

Nikki herself is having some doubts as to Tessa’s true intentions. Tessa has her walls up has even been overly rude to her host.

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However, Nikki’s been in Tessa’s shoes before and is trying to give the girl the benefit of the doubt. It’s a hard adjustment going from one world to the other and Nikki hopes she’s not making a massive mistake.

Motherly Instincts
Thankfully, Sharon (Sharon Case) is staying on her toes. She can see right through the young woman and knows Tessa is clearly using Noah (Robert Adamson) and Nikki to get ahead.

As long as Tessa’s dating a Newman, the family won’t get rid of her. Unfortunately, Noah’s quite smitten with this girl from the wrong side of the tracks and his devotion only serves Tessa’s purpose more.

Let The Battle Begin!
Sharon won’t let her guard down around Noah’s new girlfriend and is preparing to defend her son–and her family–with everything she has. If Tessa’s intentions aren’t pure, she’ll feel Sharon’s wrath and it won’t be pretty!

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