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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Summer’s Bombshell Confession Will Ruin Billy’s Life!

The Young and the Restless SpoilersThe Young and the Restless Spoilers

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal the one woman who wants Billy the most will be the one who ruins his life! Summer slips up big time and her shocking secret will most definitely have a destructive end!

Digging For Dirt
Kyle (Michael Mealor) will do just about anything to dig up some dirt on Billy. He’s tried getting close to his uncle in hopes of him opening up, he’s tried snooping, and he’s tried bribery. Nothing’s worked — well, at least not yet.

But, his mission to dethrone Billy is about to take a shocking turn when Summer (Hunter King) slips up and spill all about Billy’s (Jason Thompson) biggest secret!

A Massive Break
Kyle gets the break of a lifetime when he runs into Summer after she’s violently attacked by her mom.

The truth is out about her seduction plot and Phyllis completely lost her cool. Tempers flared, threats were made, and Summer got hit hard (literally). To make things worse, it only makes her want Billy more.

She opens up to her ex about why she wants Billy so bad. He’s sexy, powerful, and a card shark genius. There’s something about him that drives her wild – especially when he sits at a poker table!

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Summer Drops A Bomb
Summer brags about watching Billy swindle hundreds of thousands of dollars from his poker pals.

While it sounds like all fun and games, what Summer says next rocks Kyle’s world. She tells him all about how Billy lost Jaboat and had to do some hardcore gambling to get it back.

Summer thinks her tale shows off Billy’s style, but all it does is give Kyle leverage to take Billy down. He and Ashley know there’s something strange in Jabot accounting and this proves it!

A Disturbing Crossroads
But, will Kyle get a chance to spill? Before Summer walks away, she receives a text from Billy (or actually Phyllis, using Billy’s computer) inviting her to a hot and heavy night on the yacht.

Kyle has a bad feeling about the whole thing and may just choose to save Summer instead of outing his uncle!

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