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The Young and the Restless Spoilers Raw Breakdown: Tuesday, August 21


The Young and the Restless spoilers breakdown for Tuesday, August 21 reveals sneaky plots, shadier plans, and an underhanded scheme so scandalous it’ll leave jaws dropped.

Summer Stalks Her Prey
Billy’s (Jason Thompson) in for a world of trouble right from the start of his day. Summer’s (Hunter King) working all her angles, including a rather hot move of bumping into Billy in the kitchen while he’s having his morning coffee.

The encounter ends with Billy being in shock and Summer wandering around sans shirt.

It’s a stroke of luck Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) busts up the party before her daughter goes way, way too far (because being without a shirt isn’t far enough). She sees exactly what’s playing out and has a serious talk with her boyfriend about her wayward child.

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This will be a wake-up call for Billy. Summer’s completely out of hand and it’s only getting worse by the day. He decides to take some time away from the office (and away from Summer) to have drinks.

Billy wants more time with Phyllis and that means moving out of the condo! He wants to get their own place right after he gets home from a trip to Philadelphia.

Going In For the Kill
Unfortunately, packing up and shipping out won’t do Billy any good. Summer is hot on his trail and follows him wherever he goes – including on the trip.

She tries to get a paid vacation from Lauren under the guise of working …continue reading on the next page —>

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