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The Young and the Restless Weekly Update: Cheers To Second-Chances


The Young and the Restless spoilers update for October 26 – 30 reveal the past haunting the present with the pain of everyone’s memories. Nate receives an agonizing reminder of the past, Elena must face the consequences of her past actions, and Adam severed all ties to the past by cutting his dad from his life. But life is a one-way street and maybe it’s time for second-chances and looking to the future.

YR Weekly Recap

Gloria was back and seemingly in trouble. She talked a big game about a posh life in Hollywood but there were holes in her story. Something was up and her sons began to pry.

Sharon and Rey’s engagement sent Adam into a rage. He cornered Rey and made it clear the cop had a fight on his hands. Adam vowed to win back Sharon. He ate his words when he got home and found Chelsea packing her bags.

Devon’s awards night went down the drain when Elena confessed to having an affair. Devon went ballistic and punched Nate. He then went home and told Elena to pack her bags. Their romance was over.

YR Weekly Spoilers

Monday October 26
Lily tries to set some ground rules with Billy.
Kevin observes Adam’s downfall.
Victoria receives an alarming phone call.

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Tuesday October 27
Nick’s attempt to help Phyllis backfires.
Elena faces the consequences of her actions.
Summer has to make a tough decision.

Wednesday October 28
Paul delivers surprising news.
Devon and Amanda spend more time together.
Amanda opens up about her past.
Jack questions Kyle’s decisions.

Thursday October 29
Adam severs all ties to his dad.
Chloe suggests that Chelsea walk away from Adam.
Kyle lashes out at Theo.

Friday October 30
Sparks fly between Lily and Billy.
Nate receives a painful reminder of his actions.
Elena asks Devon for a second chance.

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