The Young and the Restless

Soap Supercouples: The Romance of The Young and the Restless’ Dru and Neil

The Young and the Restless Dru and NeilThe Young and the Restless Dru and Neil

Drucilla and Neil – if they’d had their druthers, both would have ended up with other people on The Young and the Restless. However, in the midst of all their scheming, true – but thoroughly complicated – love blossomed.

How Did Dru and Neil Meet?

He was late to an appointment, she was busy performing her duties as a mail distributor, and neither one apricated the collision that impeded their advancement.

He also didn’t take too kindly to her suggestion that he “watch where you going?!” nor her pondering whether he was “going to help me pick [the mail] up or stand there with your mouth hanging open?”

“Who are you?” he asked. “I’m Drucilla Barber…” Both assumed their paths would never cross again; Jabot Cosmetics was an awfully large building after all. But they did indeed meet again… and Dru had a big favor to ask.

For weeks, she had been singing the praises of a boyfriend that simply didn’t exist but now her sister, Olivia, wanted to put a face to the attributes. And if Neil would consent to play her beau – just for one night – Dru promised that she would be forever grateful.

Neil hesitated. Then he agreed. And during the dinner that followed, he found himself completely taken with the eldest Barber girl. Convinced that she could play matchmaker – and obtain Olivia’s fiancé Nathan Hastings for herself – Dru conspired to push Neil and Olivia together.

Her efforts, however, were for naught. A suspicious Olivia moved the date of her wedding forward and she was soon declared Mrs. Hastings. In the aftermath of her failure, Dru was surprised to discover that she had genuine feelings for Neil… feelings that he reciprocated.

In time, the two were dating. Neil impressed Dru with his business acumen and she, in turn, dazzled him with her skills as a ballerina. When Dru hastily abandoned her dancing in order to pursue a career in modeling, Neil found it difficult to suppress his obvious disappointment.

When Dru unintentionally embroiled herself with a number of shady characters – like pornographer Vinnie Russo and the editors of Sensuality magazine – Neil (and Nathan) rode to her rescue. But her relationship with the former suffered greatly.

After a brief estrangement, Neil proposed and the two were married in a ceremony held at the Chancellor estate. A honeymoon in Antigua followed – and though Neil had only paid for a few nights, the trip was extended thanks to Brad Carlton and Ashley Abbott, who also took it upon themselves to redecorate the newlyweds’ apartment.

Trials and Tribulations

Once back in Genoa City, the duo had to contend with the arrival of Neil’s younger brother, Malcolm, who didn’t attempt to hide the attraction he felt towards his sister-in-law.

Dru succeeded in reuniting the siblings, but her good deed wasn’t rewarded. When Neil left town on a business trip, an under the weather, overly medicated, and barely coherent Dru was joined in bed by Malcolm – and the two made love.

When she learned that she was pregnant – and remembered her night with Malcolm – Dru contemplated abortion. However, she was warned that due to a pre-existing medical condition, the chances of her conceiving again were minuscule.

Deciding that she couldn’t deprive Neil – or herself – of the prospect of parenthood, Dru kept the baby. She extracted a promise from Malcolm to never reveal the child’s prospective paternity.

Though Lily Amanda’s birth proved somewhat perilous, mother and child emerged happy and healthy. Neil looked forward to expanding the family but Dru chaffed at the suggestion – she planned to continue accepting modeling assignments in spite of her status as a mother.

Husband and wife argued. Neil attempted to sabotage Dru’s appointments, she pretended to acquiesce to his desire for another baby, and all the while she consumed birth control pills.

When her actions were found out, Neil packed up and stormed out. In response, Dru collected her own belongings and set off for Paris – with Lily in tow.

Dru and Neil – Reunited
In spite of the subsequent divorce, Dru was on hand to comfort Neil when he succumbed to alcoholism and her support eventually led to reconciliation, complete with a second wedding (this one held on the Ryukyu Islands of Japan).

But the Winters’s second marriage was marred by Lily’s rebellious antics, the revelation that Malcolm was indeed her natural father, as well as Neil’s involvement with Carmen Mesta and Dru’s resulting breakdown.

And yet, there were still reasons to celebrate – especially when the family grew by one thanks to the addition of adopted son Devon (though his battle with meningitis and hearing loss was cause for concern).

In spite of, or, perhaps, because of the struggles they had endured, Dru and Neil remained together. And it was only Dru’s presumed death (after toppling over the side of a cliff) that finally parted this much-in-love pair. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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