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Soap Opera Lines To Remember: The Week Of June 17 – 21

Soap Opera Classic LinesSoap Opera Classic Lines

The soap opera genre boasts some of the most outstanding dialogue of any television genre. From the hilarious to the profane, to the tender and the curt. From declarations of love to moments of deep reflection and recollection of long-forgotten history.

Below, Soap Hub brings you a sampling of some of the best dialogue heard this past week from your favorite soaps.

The Bold and the Beautiful

(Bill is ready to admit his faults to son Liam)
Bill: I contributed to the, uh, breakup of your family. The demise of your marriage. Hell, I caused the breakup of my own family. Now, that’s not a full list of my misdeeds…just a couple of the highlights.

A Mother’s Advice
(Brooke and Hope in a discussion about Thomas)
Brooke: Any man who’s happy to be there for you in your bad moments will more than likely reward you with more of them.

Brooke: It would just be wise to be guarded. You don’t remember everything about Thomas. He’s not the most stable member of the family. And this sudden attachment he has to you out of nowhere, it worries me.

Potato Po-ta-toe
Xander: You’ve made yourself clear, Thomas so you can stop threatening Zoe and me.
Thomas: No one’s threatening you. I’m telling how it’s going to be.

Days of Our Lives

Somebody Has To Say It
(Gabi and Kate discuss Ari’s fears about Will passing)
Gabi: To be honest with you I’m worried that she doesn’t understand that death is permanent.
Kate: Okay, well that wouldn’t be surprising considering how many people come back from the dead in Salem.

Remember Your Roots
Hope: I’m proud to be a Horton
Roman: You’re not just a Horton. You’re a Brady too.
Hope: I like to think that.
Roman: Well, you better think that sister-in-law, cause I got some news for you, okay? You ain’t getting out that easily. All right?
Hope: All right!
Roman: Once a Brady always a Brady – for life
Hope: For life…

Time Warp
Ari: What’s that?
Sonny: It’s an MP3 player. It’s an ancient technology from 2013. It’s like a phone but without the phone part. And I got it for your Daddy for Valentines Day.

General Hospital

It Sounds Weird Out Loud
(Kevin worries that his activities will reflect badly on Laura)
Laura: You know, if the press says that my husband was involved in a conspiracy to steal a kidney from his serial killer twin brother to save the police commissioner’s life and that brings my political career down….what a way to go.

No Sympathy For the Devil
(Alexis and Diane aren’t buying what Shiloh is selling)
Shiloh: I’m in pain here. Can’t you see that? It’s almost as if you take pleasure from it.
Alexis: Actually, we’re really getting off on it.
Diane: Yeah, what she said.

Shiloh: You should take a class. We could plum your psychic trauma.
Diane: Yeah, hang on. Hang on. No, hard pass.

The Young and the Restless

Brotherly Love
Kevin: You followed me?
Michael: You were acting shady as hell, so, yes, of course, I followed you. For your own safety.

A Novel Description
(Traci’s characterization of her novels dirty cop)
Traci: “Detective Carl Johnson. A man so crooked, he made Lombard Street look straight.”

Cold Hard Facts
(Sharon has some truths for Adam)

Sharon: Just because you share DNA with Christian does not make you his father.
Sharon: Everybody is the hero in their own story aren’t they? Even the villain.

Guessing Game
Victoria: You know Adam’s fatal flaw.
Nicholas: Being a hateful son a bitch?

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