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Silly Baby! Is Summer Pregnant on The Young and the Restless?

Summer and Billy The Young and the RestlessSummer and Billy The Young and the Restless

Mama Mia, The Young and the Restless! No sooner had Billy (Jason Thompson) found out about Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) sleeping with Nick (Joshua Morrow) – for the record, after she’d thrown Billy out, so she was a free woman! – then he’d dumped her and called her daughter.

Hey, Summer (Hunter King), Billy said. You know how you wanted to sleep with me over the summer (pun!)? Here’s your chance. Wanna?

Sure, Summer said. And hit the sack, they did. The next morning, Summer woke up, and Billy was gone. Off to rehab, she decided. That’s why he’s not responding to my calls and texts. She also boasted to Kyle (Michael Mealor) about how great the sex was.

Now, Summer has nothing to do but wait for this alleged love of her life to come back to her. But, what if something gets in her way. Something tiny. Like, you know, embryo sized.

Is Summer pregnant with Billy’s baby? Over 12,000 midwives made a prediction.

Baby Boom
Of course, she is, 89% feel totally confident. What other reason is there for having sex with your mom’s boyfriend if not to, first, gloat about that, and then about how your young and restless (other pun!) ovaries can give Billy yet another child.

Plus, she can piss off Victor (Eric Braeden). Billy Boy’s not only his grandchildren’s daddy, but now his great-grandchild. The story tells itself!

Baby Bump
Too obvious, 10% dismissed. And Summer isn’t the maternal type. She’s also smarter than that. If this girl isn’t the poster child for pills and condoms, then who is? Summer wants to be Billy’s wild, spontaneous, fun girl – as opposed to her fuddy-duddy mama, and his high-strung ex-wife. A baby would only get in the way of that.

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