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Set It Up: Is The Young and the Restless Trolling Fans With Jack’s DNA Story?

Victor, Jack, Dina The Young and the Restless 1Victor, Jack, Dina The Young and the Restless 1

After literally decades of Jack being John Abbott’s first-born son, The Young and the Restless suddenly pulled the rug out from under him – and us – by having Dina announce that Jack is, in fact, the result of an affair she had with… some guy at the country club.

Jack (Peter Bergman) is convinced said mystery man is in a photo he found hidden in Dina’s safety-deposit box. His first choice was Phillip Chancellor. But Kyle (Michael Mealor) went grave-robbing and, nope, not it.

Jack and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) eliminated Neil Fenmore thanks to a blood-type app, and discounted Stuart Brooks because… Jack once dated Stuart’s youngest daughter, Peggy.

That just leaves Bachelor #3, whom both Victor (Eric Braeden) and his brother, Matt, identified as their father, Albert Miller.

Which would make Jack related to Victor. A possibility both men find stomach-churning. But, considering how ridiculous this whole story is, could it just be the show — and Dina — are messing with us? What over 3,000 think:

They’d better be, 79% are hoping. This story never made sense. Why would Dina, in the middle of losing her memory, keep confusing Jack for John, if the pair didn’t look alike… and weren’t father and son?

Why did she never spill her secret before, especially during those years when Dina and John were at each other’s throats?

This is a set up, for sure. And it better have a heck of an amazing pay-off!

Face Value
We’re afraid they’re really going there, 20% of you sigh. The show seems committed to not only stripping Jack of his Abbott lineage, but making him and Victor brothers.

As Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) pointed out, it’s not like this will change their relationship to where they’re singing Christmas carols while she plays the piano. So what, exactly, would be the point of it it?

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Video Credit: CBS

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