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The Biggest Secret of All: Is Chloe Hiding Adam?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

The terrible truth is out on The Young and the Restless (YR). Although it’s nearly impossible for Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) to comprehend, Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) kidnapped Adam, and ultimately, her actions ended in his apparent fiery death.

Despite the evidence pointing to the contrary and the show’s head writer, Sally Sussman, firmly denying it, many seasoned soap fans feel convinced that Genoa City hasn’t seen the last of Adam Newman.

They’ve watched too many soaps, and they know the characters too well. So, could Chloe be hiding Chelsea’s husband after all this time? Soap Hub asked, and more than 10,500 of you weighed in on this scorching hot topic!

Adam Lives and Will Rise Again!

For nearly 7,100 of you, it’s practically a done deal that sometime soon Adam will shock everyone again and return to GC. You know that Victor roped Chloe into helping him frame Adam to send him to jail.

Ultimately, while Chloe helped Victor put Adam away, she took her chance to double-cross The Moustache when he had a change of heart. Chloe blamed Adam for Delia’s death.

She planned to blow Adam away after his jailhouse escape, but at the last moment you think she had second thoughts because death was “too easy” for Adam. In order to prolong his agony, Chloe somehow hid him away without Victor’s (or anyone else’s) knowledge.

For you, this is the ONLY thing that could cause Chloe to leave Kevin at the altar and Bella with her mother Ester.

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Now you’re anxiously awaiting Adam’s return once he’s able to outsmart Crazy Chloe. Your only question is, who will portray this big part of the Newman family?

No Adam Resurrection

Still, for nearly 2,200 of you, Adam isn’t coming back. You don’t see how he could’ve escaped certain death in the shocking, fiery cabin explosion. Plus, you’ve seen the guilt and nightmares that Chloe has hidden over the months since she kidnapped him and caused Adam’s death.

You know she still blamed Adam for Delia’s death, and she wouldn’t stop at anything to finally get her revenge. Unfortunately, in her quest for vengeance has led to her losing Bella too as well as her would-be husband, Kevin and her best friend Chelsea. No matter what the cost, she paid it to avenge Delia’s death.

The Details Could Go Either Way
As soaps so masterfully do, this storyline could obviously go either way. Sure, there is plenty of doubt and clues that could lead to Adam’s return. However, there’s also the possibility that Adam truly is dead. Perhaps even the writers don’t know how this storyline ultimately wraps up!

Now, the only question is, if Adam Newman DOES return to Genoa City, who will portray him? Will it be on of the previous actors, or will it be somebody completely new?

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