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Objection! Does Phyllis Have the Right To Judge Summer on The Young and the Restless (YR)?

Summer is back on The Young and the Restless (YR), and she and her mother, Phyllis, are already butting heads.

Not only does Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) not appreciate Summer (Hunter King) barging in as Phyllis and Billy (Jason Thompson) were making out on the couch, she was equally displeased to have to bail out her daughter from jail after the young woman was arrested for car theft.

She explained that she didn’t steal the car. It was gift from her married boyfriend to keep Summer from telling his wife about them. Oh. That’s much better then.

Now without wheels, Summer wanted Phyllis to buy her a new car. Phyllis refused. So Summer batted her eyelashes at Grandpa Victor (Eric Braeden) – he whom half of the family is currently mad at – and got her way.

Phyllis stewed some more about her daughter’s manipulative ways. But does Phyllis have a judgmental leg to stand on, here?

Over 4,000 fans played family mediator:

It Takes one To Know One
It’s hard to come down hard on Summer, when 59% of you remember what happened when Phyllis first came to town. Not only had she slept with a married man, Danny (Michael Damian), but she also lied about him fathering her son, Daniel.

A little while later Phyllis left a dead sea creature in Danny’s wife, Christine’s (Lauraless Bell), bed. And Christine wasn’t even married to Danny anymore! She was on her honeymoon with Paul (Doug Davidson). But Phyllis still disliked her.

Phyllis also tried to run Christine over with her car. And vehicular homicide is a lot worse that mere auto theft. So, Phyllis, let’s not be casting any stones here.

Mother Knows Best
It doesn’t matter what your mama did, she is still your mama, 41% counter, and she can judge you morning, noon and night, if she wants to. Especially if you keep traipsing around half naked in front of her man!

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