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Y&R Star Eric Braeden Remembers Seeing First Moments Of ‘Titanic’

The Young and the Restless actor explained how he felt about the film’s music.

eric braeden of the young and the restless remembers his titanic roleEric Braeden talks seeing Titantic for the first time.

The Young and the Restless fans know Eric Braeden as The Great Victor Newman. However, he’s also well-known for his roles in other television series and movies. One such move was Titanic. The actor recently reminisced about watching the first few moments of the film and what he said to its director, James Cameron.

Eric Braeden Praises Music From ‘Titanic’

Braden took to Twitter to express his love for a certain singer. “Listening to CELINE DION! Just love that woman’s voice!!”

The actor, who portrayed John Jacob Astor in the movie, went on to tweet about how he felt the first time he heard the singer, and it happened to be the first time he saw the iconic film. “I remember when JAMES CAMERON showed my family and me the first few minutes of Titanic in his trailer on the set!! I turned to him and said, “you’ll make a fortune!” That’s when I first had heard her voice, and it give me goosebumps!”

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Many fans commented the actor’s post and Eric Braeden gave some tidbits about what happened when he filmed the movie. One fan tweeted about the scene where his character was flooded, and it created a scary moment for the actor. Braeden replied, “I remember doing that scene! One of the few times I was scared doing a scene, in fact, the only time! I’m glad I insisted on doing a few dry runs!”

Several viewers wished that Cameron had given Braeden’s character more screen time in the film. There was a reason, though. “He couldn’t bec[ause] I had to be back at Y&R as we were filming Titanic!” the actor noted. In another reply, Braeden wrote, “Well, sadly, I couldn’t be in a few scenes because I had to be back on [the] set of Y&R! It was the deal they made with BILL BELL!”

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