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Y&R Star Courtney Hope Flips Upside Down Making ‘Mental Shifts’

Courtney Hope is seeing things from a new perspective.

y&r star courtney hope smiling against a gray background.Courtney Hope makes a mental shift.

As her social media followers are well aware, Courtney Hope, who plays Sally on Young and the Restless, is philosophical. She’s now sharing her insights about life, having been inspired by the late Wayne Dyer, a self-help guru.

Courtney Hope: Change Isn’t Bad

The actress began a thoughtful Instagram post with one of Dyer’s insights: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” It sounds simple but, of course, the challenges of life, which Sally can certainly relate to, make it hard to subscribe to this adage. Hope’s not saying that it’s easy.

“I’m always reaching for a growth mindset, but I’d be lying if I said it came naturally 100 percent of the time,” the actress says. “Creating and strengthening new neural pathways and weakening old ones that no longer serve me is a task, but it’s a choice everyday worth making. ⌛️⏳.

Hope For The Future

“Have you shifted your perspective lately?” Hope asks. “And if so, what have you learned? If not, what areas of your life do you think would be different if you just shifted the way you looked at them?”

A co-star of Hope’s is weighing in with some thoughts on her post, which can be seen above. “Only you can still look pretty upside down,” shared Zuleyka Silver (Audra), who added a heart emoji to her observation. Hope replied: “😂 thanks girl! You ABSOLUTELY could too ❤️🙌.”

Hope’s followers are touched by her words and share some of their own experiences about their lives. “YES! THIS!!! You somehow always know what to say and speak to my heart,” posted @catletteresa. “Ever since the time changed, I have embarked on a more productive approach to my day. I am no longer consistently hitting the snooze button, but embracing the opportunity to accomplish much more in my day. I’m more energetic and engaged early on. I have a new pet stroller…Guinness and Aspen(our cats) love it!!! Happy Thursday to you, lovely lady!🥰❤️.”

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