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Young and the Restless Star Eric Braeden Shares a Heartbreaking Story

Eric Braeden The Young and the RestlessEric Braeden The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless and other soaps have done stories about social issues including Alzheimer’s disease in an effort to educate viewers about life’s realities. Eric Braeden, who plays Victor Newman on the top-rated CBS soap opera, is sharing on social media how he has been personally affected by the condition.

Eric Braeden — A Heartbreaking Story

“My oldest friend, Professor Michael Meyer! Vascular dementia & Alzheimer’s! Two awful conditions!” Braeden shared on Twitter. “I talked to him about our times when we won the US NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! Don’t know if any of it registered! Count your blessings!”

Braeden’s post, at press time, has been seen by thousands of Twitter users. Many chimed in with both supportive words and personal stories of their own. “Oh, my heart! I know how it is my grandma had Alzheimer’s and she passed away at 90 last year..god bless him! Music always helps them remember,” wrote @bsbrocks. “Strangely,” Braeden shared, “he doesn’t react to music, although he played chamber music for years!”

“You are a true friend, Mr. E. My heart is with you and my prayers go out to your dear friend. I sympathize with you. It’s not easy seeing your best friend this way. It happened to me,” shared Blanche Dingle aka @debbideb77. Braeden responded: “Sorry to hear that, Blanche!”

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“Yes it is an awful condition,” wrote @kats87th. “It is a blessing just for you to be his friend I’m sure he appreciates your visit.” The YR star said: “He has two daughters who care for him as much as they can!” Twitter user @kats87th continued, “Well I’m glad he’s not alone My Grandmother had it She has five boys & My Daddy is getting up there It’s awful it breaks my heart.”

“Makes me happy to see you still visiting even though he may not recognize you…because he may recognize you & lavish the time you are there ❤!” wrote @mktichin63. Braeden solemnly mused: “Yeah, who knows?”

“It’s [a] horrible disease, in January I lost my step-grandpa and I have had care for my grandma and him but it has progressed aggressively. I pray for him and all affected with this disease but [on] the family and friends it’s the hardest. She’s not immobile but it’s hard,” wrote @Horton361. Braeden responded with the emoji sign for hands being folded. For information on Alzheimer’s and dementia visit the Alzheimer’s Association. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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