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Nikki Drops Bombshell That She Has Proof Jordan Is Alive On Y&R

young and the restless nikki, victor, victoria on the monday, february 12 episode.Nikki blindsides Victoria and Victor with the truth about Jordan.

Although Victor and the rest of the Newman family had hoped that Jordan perished in the fire at the correction facility where she was incarcerated, the Monday, February 12 episode of The Young and the Restless saw Nikki drop a bombshell that changed everything for the Newmans.

Jordan Survived The Fire

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) told Victoria (Amelia Heinle) the truth that things were very bad. She admitted she’d had her worst stumble yet, and she was scared by it, which, of course, alarmed Victoria. Nikki explained she was dealing with the aftermath of her slip-up.

Victor (Eric Braeden) tried to brush the details of the fire under the rug, but Nikki insisted that “she HAS escaped.” She repeatedly told both Victoria and Victor that she had proof. The proof? The stripper music phone calls. (See our weekly Young and the Restless spoilers here for more on Jordan.)

Of course, Victor wondered if Nikki imagined it, but she firmly declared that the phone calls were real. With that news, both Victor and Victoria did their best to convince Nikki that they could protect her. Victoria urged her mother to remain calm, and Victor agreed. Nikki decided to get some rest.

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Of course, she had a confession to make. Nikki bought a bottle of vodka, and Victor admitted that he had the staff remove all the alcohol in the house. While Nikki understood why he’d done that, she insisted she had to stop drinking on her own, but of course, she wasn’t to the point that she could resist alcohol in the house. Both Victor and Victoria reassured Nikki that she’d soon feel stronger.

When Nikki went upstairs, Victor and Victoria discussed the whole situation. Victoria suggested rehab for Nikki, but Victor wanted to keep her home, especially since “that Jordan woman” might be on the loose and plotting revenge.

As they talked, Victor revealed that Claire said that Jordan had said fires make a good distraction, which worried both of them. Victor said he’d soon know who survived and who perished in the fire. He vowed to his daughter that he’d protect their family.

Upstairs, Nikki had a nightmare where she was sleeping outdoors with a bottle of booze. She woke up and called Jack (Peter Bergman). He promised to be there any time, which seemed to annoy Diane (Susan Walters).

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