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How Victor and Jack Got Tangled in Y&R’s Family Tree

Their Y&R paths have crossed in many ways – but not this way.

jack abbott and victor newman on the young and the restless.They're a little off with this Y&R thinking.

On The Young and the Restless, the Newman and the Abbott families have been intertwined for years. Jack was stepfather to Victoria and Nicholas. Victor was married to Ashley, and they share a daughter. Nikki and Jack lost a son, and Colleen’s heart beats in Victor’s chest. Yes, we know that Kyle and Summer were also recently married. But that doesn’t make Jack and Victor the relations they think they are.

That’s My Boy

Jack (Peter Bergman) claimed he and Victor (Eric Braeden) shared a grandson, and even flashed a picture from his phone. We assume he meant Harrison (Kellen Enriquez). But it took us a moment to connect those dots. Harrison is Jack’s grandson because he is Kyle’s (Michael Mealor) son. And Harrison has called Summer (Allison Lanier) Mommy on occasion (remember when he found out Mommy and Daddy split here).

Summer is Victor’s granddaughter. But even if Harrison were Summer’s child, he’d be Victor’s great-grandson, not his grandson. Does The Mustache not like being reminded of how much older than Jack he is (especially when there was a brief period a few years ago when Jack worried that Victor might be his father)? Especially when it comes to appealing to the younger Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott).

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Signed, Sealed and Delivered

But the bigger issue there is that…Summer is not Harrison’s mother. She’s not even his stepmother, anymore. Summer and Kyle may have liked to pretend that Tara (Elizabeth Leiner) never existed. They may have called themselves Mommy and Daddy and insisted Harrison do the same.

But Tara does exist. Yes, she’s in prison. (She’s spent more time there now for some white-collar crime than Victor and Phyllis have spent for all their felonies — put together.) But being in prison doesn’t terminate your parental rights. Tara is still Harrison’s mother, Summer is no longer his stepmother, and Victor was never his grandfather. Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk.

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