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Eight Questions for The Young and the Restless

Consider us curious.

Graphic Image of Young and the Restless logo and featuring Traci, Alan, Lily, Devon, and Kyle, with Soap Hub logo bottom of imageWe have questions for Y&R.

These days, The Young and the Restless is all about business, mental health, and revenge. With a smattering of forbidden love in the afternoon, thanks to Chelsea and Adam. With everything going on the last few weeks, we have questions.

The Questions

Question #1: What’s the end game with Traci and Alan?

Traci (Beth Maitland) and Alan (Christopher Cousins) are developing a romantic relationship, which we approve of big time. Please tell us that this is a legit connection. Traci deserves happiness in her life and needs to be protected at all costs. After all, she shows up for everybody else in her family. The fact that she can relax, have fun with Alan, and go on a double date with Danny (Michael Damian) and Christine (Lauralee Bell) is amazing. And it’s the most refreshing thing going on in this Y&R universe. Hopefully, this is a real romance for Traci, and Alan remains Alan. It better not turn out that Martin is pretending to be Alan or anything nightmarish like that.

Question #2: Why is Billy so smug over winning the board meeting and the right to separate CW when Jill, his mother, opposes it?

This whole time, we thought Billy (Jason Thompson) had his mother’s consent to decimate the Chancellor-Winters conglomerate. Okay, not decimate, but undo the merger, a real separation of state. Why didn’t he pull back when he saw that Jill (Jess Walton) didn’t want it at all? Is he even losing sleep over his part in engineering this whole Abbott-Chancellor/Winters un-merger? What is wrong with him? (Check out SoapHub‘s Whatever happened to Sharon here)

Question #3: On the flip side, why do Lily, Devon, and Nate insist on shoving Aunt Mamie out of the picture even though this un-merger is exactly what she wanted?

Yes, the whole Mamie (Veronica Redd) -Tucker (Trevor St. John) dynamic was problematic. To the point we still don’t understand it. Is it just that Lily (Christel Khalil), Devon (Bryton James), and Nate (Sean Dominic) don’t want Mamie to have a voice in the company? Make it make sense. While she had no business railroading them into doing what she wanted, they ended up in the same place anyway. So, cut her some slack. (SoapHub wonders what happened to Elena here)

Question #4: Why do Nikki and Victoria still insist on treating Adam like an outsider?

You would think Victoria (Amelia Heinle) would understand a little more about Adam’s (Mark Grossman) point of view, considering Claire (Hayley Erin) is in a similar position. Family members like Summer (Allison Lanier) and Katie (Sienna Mercuri) want nothing to do with Claire, and Victoria feels insulted by their reactions. So what will it take for Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Vikki to open up their inner circle a smidge more?

Question #5: Why is Chance already in a position to become a COO?

Billy recently dangled Abbott-Chancellor’s COO title over Chance’s (Conner Floyd) head. Last year, the guy was a cop. Sure, he’s been soaking up business knowledge ever since he started work at CW, but come on. He hasn’t been a corporate suit for that long. He hasn’t paid his dues yet. Even though he’s the one with the last name “Chancellor,” he has a long way to go before he should be in a place to fill the COO role. Over at Jabot, Kyle (Michael Mealor) continually refers to Diane (Susan Walters) and her incompetent work. Shouldn’t somebody bring up the fact that Chance isn’t ready yet?

Question #6: Why do Victor, Audra, and Kyle publicly meet about the Glissade takeover?

Victor (Eric Braeden) wanted to keep his mysterious investor status the entire time he helped Audra (Zuleyka Silver) engineer the takeover. And, he successfully poached Kyle from the unemployment line after Diane fired him from Jabot. Yet, Victor, Audra, and Kyle hooked up for a meeting out in the open where anybody could see them. Why meet up in a park or at the club when you want to keep your investment on the down low?

Question #7: Why is Jack letting Victor see him sweat? It’s what Victor wants!

Victor hated the fact that his wife turned to Jack (Peter Bergman) for help kicking her addiction to the curb. Of course, they also shared that train wreck of a night that almost killed Jack. However, it did get Nikki to pack up and check herself into rehab. And then, she continued her recovery in outpatient mode. Victor wants to be his wife’s savior, nobody else, especially Jack Abbott. So, he devised a plan to get back at Jack. And it involved helping Audra steal Glissade from Tucker and stealing Jack’s son to help run it. What does Jack do? He goes and yells at Victor more than once. Why doesn’t he realize that this is exactly what Victor wants? He wants to see the pain he’s causing his longtime nemesis. And Jack’s making it so easy for him. Time for Jack and Diane to step back and brainstorm a solid, silent, stealthy way to return the favor to Victor.

Question #8: Is Diane incompetent as Jabot’s Co-CEO?

We don’t know whether to believe Kyle when he says that his mom keeps botching deals, sending out errant emails, and is generally incompetent at her job. Jack doesn’t seem to back him up. Do you think that Diane is the type to hang on to a job even if she is bad at it? After all, she wanted Kyle to be co-CEO a long time ago. And now she doesn’t seem to want to part with the job. So she’s enjoying what she does? The show has us confused about what Diane’s executive prowess really is. Is she good or bad at the co-CEO thing? (Check out what’s head for Y&R here)

What questions do you have for Y&R? Let us know in the comments!

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