The Young and the Restless

Are Mattie And Reed Heading For Baby Drama on Y&R?

Mattie and Reed are facing an uphill battle The Young and the Restless (YR) and fighting back could lead to a big, huge mess.

And They Call it Puppy Love
Mattie (Lexi Stevenson) and Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) are fast becoming the hottest couple in the GC teen scene. From stolen kisses to steamy make-out sessions, the kids are quickly falling prey to some questionable decisions.

Crossing The Line
Unfortunately, even their parents are at a loss about what to do. The kids are skipping classes to be together, and they know it’s only a matter of time before things go way too far.

Keeping the kids on the right track is getting harder by the day and the only solution Cane (Daniel Goddard), Lily (Christel Khalil), and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) can think of is to ban them from seeing each other completely.

Hormones Lead To Trouble
Sadly, none of the parents have really thought about the severity of their decision. Once Mattie and Reed get wind they aren’t allowed to see each other, they’ll start plotting ways to do just the opposite.

Not only that, but angry teens become reckless teens who make bad decisions and big mistakes. The Ashbys and the Newmans could find themselves in the middle of a teen pregnancy scandal if the kids have to hide what they’re doing behind closed doors.

All In The Name Of Love
It looks like things will get out of control fast if all these restrictions stay in place. They say the first love is the deepest, and it’s obvious these kids are falling hard.

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