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Is Kyle Vile? The Young and the Restless Fans Go To Town On How They Really Feel!

Kyle The Young and the RestlessKyle The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless brought Kyle back with a new face – and a new attitude. He was no angel before – would you be if you were the product of some stolen sperm, first thought to be Victor’s (Eric Braeden) and then determined to be Jack’s (Peter Bergman) — and then sent off to be raised off-screen?

But, this Kyle (Michael Mealor) has gone above and beyond.

He robbed a grave! He tempted Billy (Jason Thompson) back into gambling! He made a bet with Summer (Hunter King) — the prize for which was a roll in the hay, and he’s done everything he can to shove Ashley (Eileen Davidson) out of Jabot.

But, does all that make you hate him… or love him? Here’s how over 8,000 viewers feel.

Stand Up Guy
Can’t stand him, 75% of you boil with fury. What kind of a grandson is this for John Abbott to have? So, OK, he takes a lot after his dad who, back in the day, slept with anything that moved, including his stepmother, Jill.

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Jack also did anything he had to in order to hold onto corporate power, and he certainly had no qualms about betraying his sisters if it served his purposes. But Jack also did all of that with a smile. Hence the nickname, Smilin’ Jack. Maybe Kyle should talk less and smile more. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

Don’t Go Changing
On the other hand, 22% of the audience likes Kyle fine just the way he is. And not only because he reminds them of a young Jack, but because Kyle is one of the few young characters currently in Genoa City who makes things happen, rather than waiting for them to happen to him.

Mariah (Camryn Grimes) mostly mopes. Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) obfuscates and whines. The Ashby twins cook breakfast. Kyle and Summer are where it’s at!

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