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Will Chloe Ever Tell Kevin the Truth About Bella on Y&R?

Kevin, Bella, and Chloe on The Young and the RestlessKevin, Bella, and Chloe on The Young and the Restless

The sordid truth about Chloe’s daughter Bella will surely come out eventually on The Young and the Restless. Kevin absolutely wants to know who the beautiful child’s father is, and so far, cryptic Chloe has kept mum on that subject. In fact, nobody in Genoa City knows the particulars of the surprise child.

Will Kevin learn the truth anytime soon? Soap Hub asked if you believe Chloe ends up spilling all to Kevin about Bella.

Chloe Keeps Quiet
Out of over 7,400 votes, 52% of you think Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) never tells Kevin (Greg Rikaart) the plain facts about her precious daughter. Although she’s clearly still mentally ill, running her mouth isn’t one of Chloe’s copious issues.

You think that Chloe keeps the details of Bella’s father under wraps for good, and she never tells Kevin the very likely dirty details.

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Chloe Surprises Everyone
Still, a rather large 43% of you hold out hope she confesses the facts about the little girl. Sure, Chloe is mentally unstable, but you believe she desperately needs to let somebody know the truth of Bella’s parentage.

She trusts Kevin because he sticks behind her despite her issues, so when she finally fesses up, you think Kevin will be the listening ear.

Finally, just 6% of you are unsure if she’ll ever let Kevin know the truth about her daughter’s father. Is he the dad? Is Billy the dad? Who knows? You just don’t have enough information to decide what she’ll do.

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