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Jabot Threatened by Jack’s Domestic Abuse Allegations

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

Phyllis took a tumble down the stairs at the Abbott house on The Young and the Restless. Now, Jack stands accused of domestic violence, facing near constant hounding from both the police and paparazzi over the allegations.

Could all this drama affect Jabot? Women could shun the brand because of the claims against Jack (Peter Bergman). Soap Hub asked if you think Jabot tanks because of Jack’s negative publicity.

Jabot Survives 
Out of more than 3,400 votes, 65% of you believe that Jabot survives this PR nightmare. You know that Jack didn’t purposefully hurt Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), and you’re confident the public ultimately believes that too.

The company survived plenty of Abbott family scandals, and you feel it can survive this one too despite the seriousness of Jack’s alleged behavior.

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Jack’s Drama Tanks Jabot
However, 29% of you believe that Jabot tanks along with Jack. He’s obviously out of control, and his reckless behavior ultimately harms the Abbott family business.

You think this newest disaster takes a lot of cleanup, and even then, it may need a total re-branding and owner to make it. Jabot as we now know is gone for sure!

That leaves a mere 6% of you who are unsure about the fate of the longtime Genoa City business. You could see it surviving, but then you could also see this paparazzi mess not dying down, ultimately causing the company to fail. You just don’t know how it all plays out.

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