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The Young and the Restless: Is Zack’s App Just a Sex Ring Front & Is Tessa Involved?

Zack and Tessa on The Young and the RestlessZack and Tessa on The Young and the Restless

On The Young and the Restless (YR), Abby is feeling pretty bullish about her business incubator, and the dating app she’s invested in.

Abby expects it to prove to Victor what a great businesswoman she is and to rub her success in Victoria’s face. Who’s the It Newman Girl now?

But is there trouble in paradise? We’ll give Paul (Doug Davidson) a hand and sift through the evidence!

Eyes Front
Sharon (Sharon Case) received a call on her hotline from a young woman named Crystal, who claimed she was being forced to have sex with strangers against her will. It just so happens that Christine (Lauralee Bell) had asked Scott (Daniel Hall) to help investigate a sex ring.

Since there are only a few dozen people living in Genoa City, Paul and company assume that the two are related.

Sex For Sale
Meanwhile, across town, another of those dozen people, Zack (Ryan Ashton), is developing a dating app, funded by Abby (Melissa Ordway).


Dating apps are for people who eventually hope to have sex. Ergo, the app must be connected to the sex ring. (After all, no one else in Genoa City ever has sex on the brain.)

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Plus, Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) appears to have a past with Zack. A bad past. And if you can’t trust a drifter with a shifty agenda to be telling the truth, whom can you trust?

And if there is a connection between the two, is it just a coincidence, or is someone setting Abby up?

Victor (Eric Braeden) was initially against this incubator. Is this his way of driving home the point that Abby isn’t ready to sit in the big chair?

Or could Jack (Peter Bergman) be behind it? He wasn’t a fan of Abby using him against Victor, then flipping sides as soon as Daddy loved her again.

What about Victoria (Amelia Heinle)? There is some serious sibling rivalry going on there.

Or is THIS finally the answer to the Tessa mystery?

What do you think?

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